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#1.) Seems there's more to Fluttershy then we know (also she looks adorable in sweaters.)

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And it only took over a year!!!
I still have my doubts, I'll believe it when I see it...

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Flip a coin!
Heads or tails?
Related or not?
Watch the coin land on its side and spin indefinitely like the top from Inception!

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I wish I had enough money to nab the plushie backer reward...
Would've loved one of best Doe!

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Can't wait to get these two!
Unfortunately, I can only buy from oten or oeight retailers, not onine.

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Luna's probably becoming quite an annoyance if Celestia went through all this trouble to get Fallout 4 for her.

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From what we've seen, Opal seems to be quite a serious and devoted motherly figure, and like most devoted, caring mothers, she has shown a small playful side after saving Steven from the giant bird.

Both times she fused were to protect Steven (the first time was on the mountain to save him from the giant bird, and the second time was to see if her bow could damage the Hand-Ship-Thing that was threatening Steven as well as all of Beach City).

Both times she unfused seems to share a common flaw with Pearl and Amethyst, which is being wrong or making a mistake (Realizing she forgot about the Heaven Beetle which was the point of the mission and seeing that Steven didn't safely evacuated Beach City).

Pearl and Amethyst just don't seem to fuse into Opal that much because they have very different personalities, but when they do fuse, it seems the part of their personality they have in common, their love towards and will to protect Steven, is amplified.

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China during the Ming Dynasty.
Such an fascinating culture during that time.
Also the Great Wall! The invading Huns! Fireworks! (Why do I get the feeling Pinkie would have had a hoof in inventing those?)

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It's a significant date in BTTF, so people have been posting a lot of it everywhere.
For me it's gotten to the point of overkill at the moment.

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When can we go back to not having so much Back to the Future?
Fatigue is already setting in...