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::gets on soapbox:: Actually, as an RN, at least in the US, the guidelines are that you should not have acrylic nails or any other kind of fake nail, but you can wear polish (or presumably stickers) if they are not chipping.

OK, done now, thanks for listening.

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Our lives were saved by the SwaddleMe (similar product). I'd say get at least 3, more if you can afford it, because babies leak constantly, and there is no despair like the despair of not having a clean swaddle.

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Yes! It gets so much better! With both my kids, the first week was an utter disaster of constant crying (both me and the baby) and no sleeping. After that, I started sloooooowly climbing out of the hole. You will absolutely get to do the things you love again, no you did not make a huge mistake having a baby, yes you are an awesome mom. If snuggling your baby feels lovely, do as much of it as you can because in a few months they'll be too squirmy to snuggle (except when they sleep). If it doesn't feel lovely, that's also fine, you are not required to like this phase. There are a lot of other phases coming.

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Having gone to Costco today, I can assure you that at least 80% of the shoppers are retired dads.

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Are you me? Thanks for putting into words what I've been feeling in the 5 weeks since my daughter has been born.