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I wouldn't say certain SU episodes are filler "per se", how ever it is undeniable that they add some elements (like when they try to pander) that might be considered filler. But as I said, I really wouldn't say this last batch of SU episodes relies on filler to the extreme people is accusing it: stuff they bring up in an episode always finds a way to be brought back in a relevant way.

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If people wants porn then they should go to a porn website. I thought this was (generally) a SFW site.

But really,I would like someone to define the limits of "saucy", it really would help improve the discussion.

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About the things I follow here...


Drawfriends have been a great introduction to certain artists, whether they only draw MLP stuff or cover a wider range of creations. I think they're fine; however, maybe a filter or the implementation of tags within the post could help in the same way derpibooru does (find what you want to find, forget everything else).

Yes, I'm not into anthro; and sexualized or NSFW material makes stop following any post.

-->EQD General:

I think TFH should keep here for a while. It does not hold enough popularity-strenght on its own yet to survive without the support of this fandom (who is the reason of the existence of TFH in the first place).

I like interviews and editorials/reviews made by the EQD crew.

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I thought everyone's first RPG was Pokemon...

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Sorry bro, but who's talking about anything being good or not? You were asking for the franchise to end at its fourth release and gave no reason at all to support your opinion, so for context I tried to link that with your previous worry about the not-EG MLP movie.

Also, would you mind providing a definition for "good", fella?

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So this means no Sunset on pony world for a while... I'm both sad and glad.

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Why would they stop producing something profitable? Don't worry for the no-humans-at-all movie, they both are being produced by different teams.

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Mature ≠ Edgy. I feel maturity more related to family and succesful relationships, actually.

Violence, swearing, sexuality and other such elements typical of M-rated movies do not necessarily imply a mature plot. Also, I find funny how a huge trend in our days consists in convincing ourselves that being "adult" means being cynic.

About the question: What the series has done in these last season finales is heavily tied to the people who has turned this low-budget project into a worldwide success, a recognition, "fan service" that tries to appeal to both the target audience, their parents, and bronies. And it's not a bad thing on itself, don't get me wrong. But when you try to make a plot work based on adult themes just for the sake of it, and not 'cause it's the natural way it should, you have a chimera.

I like legitmately "mature" moments on the show, such as relevant CMC episodes ("Sleepless", "B&G", "For Whom the Sweetie Bells", obviously "CotLM"), etc. Those charged with character self-discovery and development (that can also happen in slice-of-life episodes), not "2edgy4me" . As long as the show don't goes that way, I'm happy.

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That was, IMHO, the best part of the chapter, It sums up very well not only the essence of the chapter but of fan creativity in general.

But they (watchmojo) could have used a bit more time for it, yeah.

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Bloom and Gloom, only surpased by Crusaders of the Lost Mark.