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I am just going to leave this here.

[youtube 3Vffl7NWmso http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Vffl7NWmso youtube]

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I never liked the Colour of Magic adaptation that much, not terrible, but all in all a bit meh, still I like the design and that it does feel and look like discworld. A year ago I would have said it was my least favorite of the adaptations. Then this thing came out and put things into perspective.

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Thank you to both of you. The splits were always great.

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For anyone who has not seen this yet: Terry had his unfinished works destroyed via steamroller. Because of course he did.

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So on adaptations:
My favourite is probably the Hogfather adaptation, two parts (each about 1.5 hours), by Sky One, released in 2006. I would really love to see your reaction to this.
There is also a two-parter for Going Postal (Sky 2010) and a two parter that roughly covers Colour of Magic and Light Fantastic (Sky 2008).
You have already seen parts of one of the animated ones, I do not remember which one, but Soul Music and Wyrd Sisters exist as short animated series (six/seven 30 min episodes).
There is also a short film called Troll Bridge about Conan which I have not seen myself.

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So apparently we are ending Discworld. This is still very weird to me. If I am not mistaken I have been following along since Pyramids and although I have not been all that active in the comments section lately, this site is one of the very few ones I write comments at all or even look at them. Thank you to all who keep the usual comment section hellscape from spreading into this corner of the internet.

I am still a bit torn about how I feel about this book. Generally I am fine with this being the finale, it was nice to finish with Tiffany and there were scenes I absolutely love (Granny preparing for Death comes to mind) and I prefer SC to Raising Steam. Still, a decline in the writing is noticeable in my opinion, which is of course understandable.

I am glad Mark found Geoffrey's story enjoyable and I admit that I did not take the aspect of overcoming abuse that much into account, but Geoffrey's arc still annoys me.I already wrote about this earlier in rot13, but presenting a boy becoming a witch as a step towards equality in a deeply traditional, patriarchal society frustrates me. Being a witch is the only role of influence and independence a woman can have in this society, Magrat is queen because she is married to the king and I cannot think of women in Lancre who work in traditionally male professions. Even Esk was never really part of the wizards at UU, but had to find her own niche. and it is not as if Pratchett shows us a more equal system in this book. There is literally a female baby who is in danger of getting less food and care than her brothers.
Geoffrey being so incredibly perfect at everything and not seeming to struggle at some aspects, like all female witches we have met previously, just makes this more grating. It makes it seem like a guy cannot only be a witch, but he is better at it than the women.
What really frustrates me about this is that Pratchett has been much better at gender issues in earlier novels, Equal Rites was better at them in my opinion and that was the third Discworld novel.

This turned out much longer and angrier than anticipated, I just want to add that I don't hate this book, I just seem to have a lot of thoughts about it.

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English is not my native language, so I might be wrong, but I think it's "A cat among the pigeons". At least that's what Agatha Christie uses as a book title.

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I am so sorry.

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I am pretty sure the dog breed is a reference to Rottweilers, named for the city of Rottweil.