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If you are right about Braun, I think most of us would be very happy with that. I feel most of the beef of both Cena and Roman is everyone can see what's going to happen a mile away with those. Everyone can see Roman is being pushed as Cena V2. Kick out of 8 finishers and one spear and they are done. People love naturally developing wrestlers like Braun. I can get behind that. I hope you're feeling is right doc.

Great article. Thanks for another good one.

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Love most of the talent on Smackdown, but I think most can agree a change is needed. Same thing week in and week out.

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Oh no Tito is getting triggered again.

You talk crap about "trolls" all the time (especially on Twitter). Well don't feed them then I said nothing to you. You want a contribution, lets go with this: You said in your column that you are going to say something that hasn't been said anywhere else. That's probably because what you wrote is incredibly moronic and no where close to being true. Basic click bait. Your articles are garbage anymore and it's not "irony" that we keep coming back because we LIKE your columns. We (at least me can't speak for everyone but based on votes every week, I can image there is more like me) come back to read whatever assassiane thing you have to say and then shut it down immediately and wait while you get triggered. It "raises" your (free) page views so im sure youll spin it as some form of win for you and say we are "returning customers" or whatever.

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I hope you continue to be one of the most upvoted comments on here.

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If WWE (they wont) find it in their collective hearts to swerve us at EC and have Rollins go over (they wont), I would be such a happy person. I'm basically echoing everything everyone else is saying, but man did he shine last night?! Wow just an amazing performance and pinning the two golden boys CLEAN in the middle of the ring? WWE clearly knows what they have and they need to showcase it a lot more.

Thanks for the good article Latta

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Totally agree. My biggest and probably only beef. According to his Twitter, we are trolls trying to "show off." Anytime you disagree with him, you're a troll, Vince mark, etc. Then cleverly, he'll throw a GET OFF MY LAWN that really signifies his heel role.

And here is the thing I liked this piece! Thought it was well thought out and very precise. I agree with his sentiments and even if I didn't, I would think it was good. I don't care if he agrees with his readers or disagrees that is not why (I'm guessing) he writes the column. I just never liked the "I'm right you're wrong" style of writing. This doesn't have that.

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Great stuff man! I'm hoping so hard (won't happen) that they do a swerve and go with Rollins winning. After that, if they want to throw Roman in there too, whatever...because we all know what's going to happen at WM. Always been a fan of Rollins and after tonight, you can't deny he had that 2nd gear we haven't seen since his Authority days.

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Oh no Tito is triggered again. Also, customers would suggest we are buying something from your free column. I wouldn't buy a damn thing from you.

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Totally agree with you and tito on this. Think about like Summerslam where it's Raw, Smackdown, 205, NXT PPV, and then Summerslam. Not even adding pre shows. I love wrestling but WOW that's way too much. And yeah Vlad is right you don't HAVE to watch it all, but if you're WWE, isn't your goal making sure each person is engaged to WANT to watch all of it?

I like combining the shows. It's little things.

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All this crap on Rusev day of ALL days!!