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A. They were always in the "main event" scene just with no belt attached to it. And there is no fresh direction its the same s*** they've been doing for months (outside the Shield reunion which has been done already)

B. F*** Roman

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The game was decent last year with the career mode. It was going in a much better direction that the last like 4 at least. As anyone played Fire Pro Wrestling on the PS4? I know everyone raves about that series what to know if its something I should pick up?

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If you try to to find the one weirdo on the bus and you cant find him....its usually you. Just saying maybe its not everyone else.

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3 squash matches that did no favors to KO and Bliss (Corbin doesn't really matter) was something that really stuck in my crawl. Shinsuke match was basically a SD match. Also, Elias spot was a pee break as much as I walk with him. Rollins-Zigs match was awesome and AJ-Joe was great too. Everything else seemed flat and never lived up to expectations that Summerslam is to live up to. I dont think if this show was Fastlane or whatever people would complain...but if this is the 2nd biggest show of the year, you have to knock it out of the park. This was not that.

I enjoy your fresh take on everything though. Love the read.

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...and the wrestlers chose to do this career. He chose to leave. The wrestlers get paid either way they already had his....err production partner...money. People leave NFL games when their team is getting thrashed but they are putting their body on the line for entertainment too. Now, its something I wouldn't do personally, but I'm not going to get on someone's case because they felt fulfilled from the event already to leave. Some people on their high horses man.

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F*** SALT!!

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Excitement level for Summerslam might be the lowest in years.

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So not that it really matters, but to show you how awesome Titus is, he met my friend before the show tonight and introduced him to several of the superstar including Bayley, Apolo, one half of AOP, and Dana. He didn't have to do that. You can see my history I'm a little much of a Titus homer...but that dude might be the nicest guy in WWE. Good show overall.

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Why can't people just be happy for something these women worked hard for?!? Christ, people act like they are insulting your family members or something. Good for the women's division.

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Titus is a cool dude. Met him once at a gym near my house and he hooked me and my friends up with Raw tickets. I believe what he says here and agree with it 100%.