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I am a bit sceptic, but then again, I was also very sceptic about the royal wedding season finale, and we all know how awesome that turned out!

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Well, when you put it that way... Its just that work at 4 in the morning, when you live in europe and the episode is on youtube at 12 in the evening...
Fine, no excuses, time for ponies!

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From all this I can see that i really, really have to see the newest episode. Sombra? Twilight using dark magic? So many unanswered questions.

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Happy birthday Lauren Faust, and once again thanks for the awesome world you have created in MLP.

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As an avid watcher of LP's, this will deffinately be on my list. Right next to Helloween4545.

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This is how a brony segment of a show of any kind should be done: Get a few bronies on the show, and ask them what it is all about, while keeping a neutral and professional tone.
Media around the world, take note. This also works with other fandoms and just about anything else, actually.
Also looking forward to see a segment from Denmark. Although I really dislike the danish voices on the show, it would still be awesome, just for the sheer fact of it being a danish segment on MLP.

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I know this is not the time for this... but I just cant resist:
Remember the general level of intellect among Fox News wievers.
Sorry if that offended anyone, by the way, it was not my intention :)

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I have no problem being insulted because I like MLP, this would not be the first time at all. But when someone uses the excuse, that it is their job to be massive jerks to a group, ANY group, it just pisses me off. If all you can do is spread hate and dissent, of any kind, then you are, in my eyes at least, a worthless excuse for a human.

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As with all "unsavory" elements of the fandom, as long as it is kept of the main fanblogs, that have visitors from all ages, whatever you do around the net is fine with me. I wont judge you, as I wont judge other fandoms on their "worst" examples. It should be common sense not to do so, really.

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It is also the worst excuse. "Ohh, I can insult you as much as I want to... its my job."
Then get a better job, idiot, do something productive instead.