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Yes yes exactly yes.

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My mother and I share this trait. I found out that she'd slipped into the second act of a show I was in entirely because of her laughter, and I've been recognized multiple times because of mine.

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I am guilty of thinking "just pay a LITTLE attention to my nonverbal cues and don't expect me to spell every little thing out for you!", but I am not great at determining the difference between "clear nonverbal cues that he is either missing or ignoring" and "expecting him to read my mind".

In case you were wondering if I was the only one with suboptimal behaviors, he's a fan of "but you know that I didn't *want* to hurt/bother you, so therefore my good intentions mean that you're not allowed to be hurt/bothered by that thing I did!"

And believe it or not, we're really good at communicating. We've gotten to the point where once we realize we've fallen into these patterns, we can deal with them, and get out of the fight. We just haven't learned to head fights off at the pass yet.

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The single most important long-term project of me and my husband is "leading with anger [me] is not helpful, and neither is bottling up all negative feelings [him], but a healthy mean totally exists".

It's in progress.

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Ooooh, how about how whatever behavior is bothering you in the moment is clearly part of a pattern of how they ALWAYS treat you, and if they actually cared they'd have stopped? That one's fun.

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I'm actually rather surprised she's never done an Abelard and Heloise-based song.

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...are we twins though...

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I disliked GREASE as a kid because I thought the songs were terrible, then disliked it more as an adult because of how gross and sexist the themes/message are. I never expected that I'd read an article that made it look not just interesting but surprisingly poignant and progressive. THanks for surprising me!