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Some people keep saying there was David tennent in this episode, I wondering if they meant pip.

Loved the episode

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I bet this is how hasbro sees pegasisters,

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I had a musical and I wanted to be the eldest daughter. Boy was I mad when i wasn't! XD

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Chrysalis must know I use the term "tag your it!" When I tag my crush (in a tag game duh) and use it as being a flirt *intense gasping*

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If he went to my school and was in my grade........ I'd ask him to do things to people I dislike, then we would both run into classrooms and make cotton candy clouds everywhere and then we would turn every teacher into a bunny rabbit, then we would go into the gym and make every student stuck in there for a week with pinkie pie having a party and constantly using a karaoke machine. And me and my friends would be the only ones just being crazy while everyone else would be locked in a cage..........

I am one crazy child

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honestlty the crystal rainbow castle is badass I still have it, and it works awesomely

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I'm glad I wasn't the only person to remember.

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Seems like your trolling has failed.

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Derpy was the best part of this episode, hooves down .

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This has to be my favorite episode of the season, I loved all the jokes between fluttershy and bulk biceps. But OH MY FREAKING CELESTIA DERPY IS BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK,! I screamed her name so many times, that I think I scared my family XD