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Conversely, I do not ever have private conversations, online, with strangers. If I am writing a reply, it always gets posted publicly, with my response attached, otherwise it just gets deleted and no reply is crafted.

To send me anything is to, in the sending, acknowledge a lack of a right to privacy.

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Coulter's got a new book out called "Demons." Apparently the liberals are still destroying America or some such. ;)

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Lol, before they bring me evidence, they're going to have to bring me a definition of "God" that isn't complete horseshit.

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However, many of these middle eastern nations had apparently been secularly nationalistic, while still predominantly Muslim, in the early parts of the last century. The rise of fundamentalist Islamic theocracy seems to coincide quite closely with American involvement in destabilizing the existing cultures.

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It is not actually required that it be shown that Federal funding of education is better than State funding. All that is required is the presence of a national public, and therefore Federal, interest in improving education. Any citizen of any of the States is simultaneously a citizen of the United States, and where abandoned by one has recourse in the other.

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I have a problem with allowing higher education to have as it's primary purview the production of "more skilled" workers: the point of all education should be the cultivation of better citizens.

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I always assumed the link was an automatically inserted addendum, rather than a conscious addition anyway.

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You should read some of the apocryphal texts, like the Nag Hammadi scriptures. The crap you see in the New Testament was carefully collected, culled, and edited by a group of respected priests, to produce a relatively unified whole with much of the truly bizarre (ie. entertaining) scripture left out.

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I'd go to a convention to get Dawkin's to sign a book for me, but that's a literary thing rather than an atheist thing.

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What I've found, over the years, is that for *most* self identifying Christians, their god belief is about as significant a part of their identity as what sort of underwear they put on in the morning. I have had the learning experience of dating an extremely evangelical Pentecostal Christian, but even that is not an experience I would, in retrospect, rather I not had.