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Now, had this been done to Starlight Glimmer, then I could get behind it.

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It depends on if he was made aware of the fact that Greta, this one particular griffon on the team, had already been seen on the show. He had to design every other griffon on the team from scratch... It's not like Greta's role in this story made it obvious that she was different. Had the text named her "Gertrude" it wouldn't have changed the story at all and none of these complaints would exist.

He drew the Yak prince correctly, which shows that he knew that was an existing character and made the effort to make him recognizable. It seems much more likely that he simply wasn't aware of Greta already having a design.

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Or he's working for the network ABCFamily, which is owned by Disney, and he's representing the network's interests in regards to that show.

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There are multiple versions of Sunset that I would consider buying... Original outfit, current outfit, demonic version, angelic version... Start offering some, Hasbro!

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Being chill comes with age... Both the age of the fans and the age of the property. The Transformers characters have been reinterpreted in so many different ways over the last 30 plus years that it is probably hard to get too worked up over minor stuff. While MLP has been around just as long, "Friendship is Magic" is young, still on the first recognizable versions of these characters, with the first generation of fans for them.

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Here's the thing... Should people complain that Greta (and to a far lesser extent Grandpa Gruff... Only because he wasn't named in the story itself) looks nothing like her canon appearance? Certainly. I'm sure that the whole point of the writer using those characters was to draw connections to the episode from the show and make it all feel tighter to continuity. Using the name Greta as Gilda's friend and then completely redesigning her does the exact opposite. That's something that could have and should have been avoided.

But the fault for it ultimately lies with editorial, not with the artist. Now the editor might blame the artist behind closed doors, but that is their business. The buck stops at the editor, and it was ultimately his responsibility to make sure that the artist was aware of any character designs that were relevant to the issue being drawn.

I have kids in my family who live pony, it seems, and yet they don't have the Brony fandom's encyclopedic knowledge of all things from the show. If I asked them who Greta was in the show, I'd likely get blank stares back. She's a pretty obscure character. Without knowing what information was passed on to the artist, I'm really in no position to judge whether he should have known that he was only supposed to design *every other* supporting character griffon on the team except for Greta.

I think it's safe to say that Fosgitt isn't a Brony-level fan of the show, if he enjoys it at all. Either way, that's perfectly fine. I enjoyed the new Star Wars film quite a bit, but I could not begin to name every obscure new character who appeared in it. I know that Simon Pegg played "that alien guy on the desert planet who bought stuff from Rey for food packets". I'm sure the current die-hard Star Wars fans would be aghast that I can't get any more detailed than that... Yet I truly did enjoy the film. It's not some sign of disrespect.

But taking the comic book as a whole... They should know that a big part of their market are fans who would recognize Greta. Someone in the chain of production should have made sure everyone was on the same page with that. Maybe they need an intern to gather screenshots from the show for the freelance artists and writers and send out packets with all of the designs needed for an issue. I don't know. It's a fair complaint, but there is no need to get personal about it either.

As for the rest of the issue, I enjoyed it. It was a solid story, and a fun pairing. I love any chance I get to see Gilda again, and I liked that her personality was still gruff. I liked Rarity in this too. It's always fun to see her get her hooves dirty for a good cause. She can be far more rough and tumble than people give her credit for. The mistake with the Greta design is really a very minor issue overall even if it does unfortunately weaken what should otherwise be recognized as a strong attempt to tie into continuity by the writer.

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I'd love to see a Pegasus villain, able to do really powerful weather control. Maud is already an example of a powerful Earth Pony, and we've seen that Crystal Ponies are able to channel their collective good spirits into the Crystal Heart to make a rather formidable weapon. And according to the "official" backstory, Cadance was a Pegasus who ascended like Twilight did, so race doesn't seem to be necessary to reach the heights of power.

Really, Starlight Glimmer seems to be the problem more than unicorns in general. Twilight had to spend her whole life studying, and even then it's suggested that she was a weak unicorn until the Elements of Harmony bound all of the Mane Six together during the Rainboom. Neither Trixie nor Sunset showed any overpowered abilities without a power booster. Starlight, however, has no easy explanation for her ability to more than equal the bearer of the Element of Magic and full-on Alicorn Twilight.

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Not only were the original songs pretty amazingly catchy, they led to some truly outstanding remixes as well

Toastwaffle's version of Sweetie's Big Race: http://youtu.be/1kJwpINVfo8

And especially the Russian Gypsy Jazz Cover of Pinkie's Brew: http://youtu.be/7d1WceA7D40

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I loved the explanation of why we never saw Rarity in the Nightmare Night episode.

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It was time for both of these major adjustments to the status quo. Diamond Tiara's bullying had run its course... Even in continuity her taunts had lost power over the CMC. "Blank Flank" was simply something they shrugged off by "Flight to the Finish", and considering their personal Twilight Time with a princess (as well as having sisters who are national heroes with their own thrones in the castle, personal dream therapy from Luna and being flower-girls for the Royal Wedding) it's not like they have any reason to feel inferior to her at all. It was time to allow for her redemption. The thing is that I didn't think it would be a short 180 turnaround. I liked her as an antagonist, and would have liked to have her grudgingly accept the CMC and do the right thing while keeping some attitude instead of being all friendship and light, myself. Had the episode ended there, I might have complained.

But then the big event happened, and all that was forgotten, because putting that all in the past just seemed right. The CMC were ready to move on to bigger things, and redeeming Diamond Tiara was the perfect note for that. Now I wouldn't want it any other way.

The scenes that follow were just perfect as well... Pinkie preparing the celebration, the Apples all choked up (beautiful choice to finally drop that reference here for Apple Bloom's big moment), Dash's vote of approval, and Rarity's pride in her beloved little sister, the photograph and Celestia and Luna... Just outstanding stuff.

Oh, and Derpy looked adorable in her uniform. I can't believe that didn't make it into the recap. Hope we see it again!