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Hey, you used my artwork in this article. Mind including the source? http://fav.me/d58w4xz

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I don't think that 'shit/10' really does credit to the argument of a legitimate complaint... In fact close to none of it was legitimate, it was just complaining. Though you're right, I probably should've just ignored it, at least those parts.

He did have the complaint of the tweeny feel, which might be legit which is why I addressed it. As I said it was animated on 1's, which is going to give a tweened feel regardless (not to mention most people who complain about tweens don't know why they're bad in the first place). But, either way, I barely had a hand in animating this one, so it probably would've been better to ignore since it doesn't quite apply to me.

Sorry for my butt comment earlier.

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Maybe, I won't deny that especially early on we had issues with hostility. Still, it's hard to not be hostile when met with hostile comments in the first place, but I personally have been working on getting better with it. As of late it's been a lot more mellow across all of our outlets, most negative feedback has been honest but clear and reasonable. That said, stuff from months (if not years) back tends to stay fresh in some peoples' minds for a while.

The problem with critiques is a lot of them don't know the full story behind a piece, so it's hard to find one (good or bad) that actually has something useful in them, and of course there's some that don't understand what they're discussing. There's been some harsh but fair ones that at least were patient enough to address aspects that they knew might be beyond scope, but they're more rare than I'd like.

As a result animator friends have been a godsend in many of those places since they have the strongest grasp over what was intentional or outside of scope, and what was well within our capabilities. (Oblivionfall for instance brought to my attention some areas where I had neglected proper recoil in Fall of the Empire, among other legitimate animation critiques.) It's just hard to find the good ones when they're being drowned out by senseless praise or impatient rage.

And I'll still stand by my statement that the best critique our group received as a whole for Snowdrop came right out of /mlp/ itself, and, while being very biting, was wonderfully thorough and objective. It was long, but not long-winded.

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I did say that, because it's true. No one is required to like what we do. We're not going to force them to like us.

The mistake I made was I kinda referred to /mlp/ as a whole. I should've said 'if some people on /mlp/.' Either way: no one is required to like our stuff. I get kinda annoyed sometimes with people hyping up our stuff because of our name, rather than just because they like what we've made.

I don't think or recall if I ever said I was totally done with the fandom, but I have admitted to being burnt out on it as you stated earlier. That ties into the problem of people in general getting me confused with the group as a whole. SFS is 20 people, I'm just one. As I also mentioned, I may be a prominent voice, but I'm only one voice out of several who decide what we do.

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/mlp/ criticizes everyone. If that bothered me I wouldn't've ever started FotCE or acknowledge that /mlp/ has been one of the best places to find a rare piece of quality, critical feedback (buried beneath the shitposting). However, I fail to recall where I was throwing a tantrum.

Someone thought that I was referring to /mlp/ with one comment I made when in reality I was referring to someone who had tried to send us a 12 paragraph essay about why he didn't like Luna and tried passing it off as critique, and had kept spamming our FB, Youtube, email, and Twitter until we acknowledged it, which might be what you're thinking of.

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I think you've got a lot of misinformation. Someone had reported on SFS a few months back on things that were outright false (partially because the author has a personal vendetta against me).

I'm personally fairly burnt out of MLP, and you're right, more pony stuff isn't coming en masse, at least any time soon. It's far from an impossibility, however, and it's also just as unlikely that this'll be the last pony thing we make.

Fall of the Empire ran into issues due to deadlines since we had been invited out to conventions to show it. At a certain point there was ultimately the issue of it never being able to live up to the hype, no matter how much more went into it, which created a form of an artificial deadline. Part of it's my failure to be firmer with my team as well. It just wasn't productive to continue delaying it. (And I'm still kicking myself for thinking it was a good idea to start the project during my senior year of college.)

Big projects are exponentially more stressful both during production and after release (due to legal annoyances), so we're not going to be doing any large MLP (or probably any fandom) projects again in the future. However, small fandom related shorts are a much higher possibility, and will still likely pop up on occasion. Smaller things like this are to help train other members to be more self sufficient to help avoid issues like mentioned above. Plus, even if I'm no longer heavily invested in the fandom, it doesn't mean other SFS members aren't, and they're allowed to take on projects under the SFS name if the group's fine with it.

Don't worry so much. We're just here to make a few cartoons, not to change the world.

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where'd we do that?

are you sure you're thinking of the right group?

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It wasn't over a month. :T We just said we had a pony animation coming for Bronycon was all. Yun spent about a month at most on this, and even then it was to do two things: give us something simple and entertaining to show at the convention, and drill an animator to see how well he can handle projects on his own. It accomplished both of those, so that's satisfactory.

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The only things tweened were the zoom-ins. Everything else Yun did fbf in 1's.

Think you've just got something lodged up yer butt. :V

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All duly noted, thanks for your input.

I'm aware of how problematic China's copyright laws are, though have gotten a few reports that Onlyfactory tries to maintain some integrity, which is reassuring.

In all honesty, a part of us would love to see a widely available plush of our character. But, when a company or large entity is involved, it can potentially make problems elsewhere, since they can actually influence legal aspects due to their size. We're partially worried that if we support this, Hasbro might see it as 'oh, they're promoting these bootleggers who are using our material.' Hasbro's been fairly lenient to us and the fandom as a whole, and we don't want to squander or abuse that.

Thanks again for your assessments.