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Congratulations! I have to say, celebrating with 3 releases by Ohigetan is a rather unique way to do it. His art style is like nothing else I have ever seen.

Thanks a lot biribiri and Shakezoola.

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Did you forget the anal tag, or doesn't the "Sorry, my dick slipped" scene count? :D

Thanks a lot biribiri and Zebon20.

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>you will never have a job as a mobile pantry for a pair of succubi

Seriously though, this one is fucking awesome! Thanks a lot biribiri, CellTF, and Darkfire.

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Hmm. Not sure exactly what to say about this one. I liked the artwork, and the girl was cute and adorable. The story though was a bit disappointing. I kept waiting for the girl to figure out what was going on, and to do something to *really* scare the guys. Oh well.

Thanks biribiri and anonymous.

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Sweet Jesus, catgirl Rumia is the cutest thing ever. Thanks a lot biribiri and anonymous.

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Huh. I wasn't expecting a lesson on the genetics of calico cats to pop up in a hentai manga. o.O

In any case, the amount of nekomimi in this chapter was simply awesome. Thanks a lot biribiri and Job Truniht.

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And the kid's arms stop around where his elbows should be. o.O

Oh well, it's Hiroyuki Kai. Realistic body proportions aren't really expected here. ;)

Thanks a lot biribiri and C8567.

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That preview pic... O.O

I love Gainamon's stuff. It's so cute, funny, and adorable that I sometimes forget I'm supposed to fap. :D

Thanks alot biribiri and anonymous.

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The "declining birthrate" scenario is getting a bit old (kinda like Japan's population... ;)) , but this story was alright, and the artwork is top notch. Thanks a lot biribiri and Flammz.

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Merry Christmas Oliver, I hope you and your family have a wonderful day. Merry Christmas as well to all my fellow pervs out there who follow your blog, may you all find a catgirl (or whatever else trips your trigger) under your tree. :)