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My website has a zero tolerance for censorship. So feel free to migrate there, and say whatever in the forums. =D

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I did some videos about Second Life Ponies. Awesome place, and awesome people. =)

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You didn't not watch the entire video, or read the comments below the video where I address this concern.

Watch the video again.

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Anyone remember when that Republican Bush said he didn't think atheists were American citizens?

I do.

"Bush: No, I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God."

I own a rifle.

I made a video about why you should own a gun for self-defense. It’s at my YouTube channel Zarrakan, and here’s the link:

Watch it, share it, and join the fight against the evil anti-gun movement.

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Danger Of Religion
A hypothetical person has an X that they believe tells him/her to do things, and a part of their belief in X is an afterlife where everything is so much better than this. To get there they have to do everything that X tells them to which includes incredibly violent acts of evil.

Replace X with Barney The Purple Dinosaur.

Now replace X with (insert deity’s name here).

Do you really want people like this in our society driving our buses, taking care of our children, making decisions about national defense, roaming our streets armed with guns, etc.

X is an invention of the human mind with no basis in fact/science/reality beyond what any particular person prefers to believe. What if a person’s preference changes to something evil?

Do you see how this could be a problem?

Religious people have no moral responsibility whatsoever.

That's why they can say they value life one moment, and then call for the death of people who don't accept their imaginary friend the next.

Religions are fundamentally death cults that portray life as a miserable thing to be endured, and after you die you will get sky pie in the sky pie kingdom, and sit next to the pie god.

It does not surprise me at all that religious people don't care about conservation, saving endangered species, preserving the natural world, or really doing anything constructive/positive. In their eyes all is filth and evil if it doesn't come from a book that a bunch of uneducated sand jockeys who thought the world was flat wrote over 2000 years ago.

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I do think it is important for atheists to do good, and be seen doing good, but i don't think acceptance should weigh heavily in the equation for reasons I've already stated.

I think the most important aspect of doing community service is by engaging the public in that manner you are refusing to not be seen as the theists would have it, and disputing what the theists say about us.

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Preferential thinkers (theists) will never fully accept anyone that does not buy into their preferential thought processes.

Preferential Thinking
Reality is not a preference, but is simply what is even if we do not know what that is at the time.

Science is the only one true way of knowing reality because science is non-biased in it’s discovery of facts which are pieces of reality that were once unknown, but now made known via scientific methods.

All the technology you enjoy today came about because of the scientific mindset of actively seeking answers to how reality works (FACTS), and using that information to solve problems. You cannot enjoy any form of modern technology, and object to scientifically proven FACTS like evolution without being a hypocrite.

Hypocrisy runs rampant with Preferential Thinkers because they only acknowledge and support the existence of pieces of reality (FACTS) that they prefer, invent delusions to explain knowledge gaps, and ignore and vilify the existence of anything outside of their preferences. Preferential Thinking is a delusional mindset that ignores reality as it truly is, it is highly resistant to facts, logic, and reason, and inspires rampant stupidity, ignorance, and laziness.

Morals cannot be based on Preferential Thinking because in order for morals to work they have to be based on something real that falls outside of a person’s individual preferences.

Preferential Thinking is intrinsically evil, and Preferential Thinkers are dangerous because they have no moral responsibility whatsoever because they base their morals upon their own preferences instead of reality.

Religion is presently the most overt form of Preferential Thinking in society today.

Example: I wake up stupid one day, and embrace (insert religion here) despite the scientifically proven fact that all Religion is mind destroying garbage invented by Preferential Thinkers. I want to worship X as best I can, and I prefer to do so by killing anyone who doesn't worship X. Since X is an invention of my Preferentially Thinking mind X approves of my bloodlust. I go kill a bunch of people in the name of X who have committed no crime greater than not holding the same Preferential Thoughts that I do. Since X is an invention of my Preferentially Thinking mind this makes X very happy, and because X is my moral guide I think my killing spree is wonderful.

Murder is not good for society, and there are scientific facts that support that assertion, but as I demonstrated a Preferential Thinker would ignore those scientific facts in preference of their preferences.

Preferential Thinking is very widespread, and it is not hard to find examples of it on the world stage. Aside from Religion, another relevant example of Preferential Thinking is stupid peoples’ attitude towards the middle and poor classes (99%), and their glorification of the rich (1%).

99% of America's economy rest on the buying shoulders of the middle and poor classes, and yet the Republicans want to murder them with destructive social policies. The end result of their plans would be total economic collapse, and their rich overlords would lose everything. Without an economy all money and investments become worthless.

The Republicans prefer that their actions benefit their rich masters without negative consequence (Preferential Thinking), and thus behave in accordance to their preferences even though scientific facts (reality) shows how destructive that will be if they are allowed to get away with it.

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I have no empathy for idiots that destroy themselves, and everyone/everything around them with imaginary sky pie god garbage.

There is a difference.

Atheism is a reflection of reality.

Religion is a reflection of stupidity/ignorance/laziness.

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When it comes down to it most humans are just really intelligent shaven apes who prefer to be dumb, and not think.

So, yeah. Deferring to authority is easier than thinking.

They should change the name of our planet from "Earth" to "Derp," and "Humans" to "Derplings."