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That's insanely good, I've already got all the comics in physical versions but I've just got this, that cheap and for charity to!

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I think people wrongly conflate "don't take too seriously" with "don't take seriously", particularly when it comes to fandom. There's nothing wrong with enjoying being a part of a community or identifying as this or that fan, but if you internalise it to the point that it becomes your whole identity, so that reasonable criticism of your chosen fandom or piece of media is taken as a personal slight then you've gone too far. Or conversely if that media failing to meet your standards sends you to abject depression, you're in too deep.

I think as far as the mlp fandom is concerned Tommy is right here, we've been attacked and sneered at for a long time and still are, so as a fandom we're often fragile and defensive, internalising the identity too much, so that even criticism from within is seen as an attack. Ultimately you're a fan of something because you like it, and there's nothing wrong with finding meaning from that or reveling in that, but if being a fan is actively making you feel worse, then something's gone wrong.

Don't know if any of that rambling made sense but there you go. Clearly I couldn't do analysis videos :P

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It is what it is, not perfect but there you go. I imagine Equestria Girls adds to the wait, which is fine, not my cup of tea but allot of people like it and it brings in the cash.

To be honest I'm just happy every time I realise the show even got past season 1 :P.

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9 years is a little longer than a few more months than usual.

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A date is better than no date, It's a long wait but if they need to take the time to make it amazing then that's fine by me :)

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The Cook and Price comics are the A tier of a fantastic series in my opinion :)

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I love desert bus for hope, won't be able to watch much this weekend sadly, they do good work :).

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You can't, it was made for desert bus.

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Ah yes the old UK mark up :P. To be fair on that though that's not to much more than the extra for tax which is added in the states at the till but is included in the price here. At least it's not like video games and tech where they basically just change the dollar sign into a pound sign and call it a day, it's cheaper to import allot of tech then buy it here.

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I really hope Amazon and twitch can expand and provide genuine competition to YouTube, it's monopoly is letting it get away with crap like this.