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RIP Andrew...And thank you for all that you taught me! Your vision and love of the truth and the good in this country will continue on....until we meet again!

(gut tells me something fishy here)

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It is a rumor. No worries Dr. Paul won't sell out to a flip flopper. But he does respect that Romney knows business and free markets. Which of course is a big part of Paul's policies

Interesting you call the most principled person in congress a weasel though. Not sure what that says about your ability to think logically and certainly shows your disdain for our Rule of Law in this country. SAD at best

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Or they need his votes to beat Obama. Without the Paul contingency the Republicans are dead in the water.

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Latest news...he now has changed his mind to Newt...he heard that some rich guy was going to put up a ton of money.

This is a guy I'd really want to follow.....Glad the online media is showing the joke the GOP/MSM/DNC has become. The veil has been lifted and I suspect that more will be uncovered as people get better educated about the control the establishment has had for decades when it comes to who we get to vote if we should feel privileged to vote for who THEY choose for us.

Update...Still voting for Ron Paul. Only candidate with principles and consistency in his message. Not voting for someone who changes his message per state in order to get votes....but it does amaze me how people fall for it.... :)

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Funny how the right is fighting over WHO OWNS the word conservative as if it is some sort of crown.

My vote still remains Dr. Paul whether he is on the final ballot or not. When my grandkids read history and they read about the good Doctor I want them to know I voted for a man of principle...NOT who the establishment forced down my throat.

We are individuals after all and if you choose to vote for the candidate the establishment shoves down your be it ..... your prerogative....but I will never again waste my vote on a candidate who is not a man of his word and one with principles. By voting for any other candidate in this cycle YOU are saying to your kids and grandkids it is ok to NOT be an honorable person and become a leader of the greatest nation on earth.

No more for me. So, Ron Paul has my vote. Period

10 years ago @ - Vegas Victory · 0 replies · +1 points 'conservatives' are gonna get Mitt to vote for....At least I know my vote won't be wasted.....

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Since he is half there a white version coming out soon. Because he obviously doesn't need me to help him since I am white. LMAO

What a joke and people will fall for that superficial crap

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There was an article some time ago about Gillibrand's husband being a big time trader or investor. Guess she won't be getting any for a while. She might slow down his business because now she won't be able to pass insider info to him. I see a divorce in their future. LOL

What a joke these people are and WE the PEOPLE put up with it. Congress and all branches of gov't are becoming a laughing stock and soon the USA will if we allow these traitors to bankrupt us. Crap...I just thought of something they might pass a bill that makes it illegal for us to ever call them traitors...we're screwed!

10 years ago @ - DeMint: Romney Likely ... · 0 replies · 0 points the Left is going to run with his comment about firearms pointed in a certain we gooo!! I can see the uproaring tonight already on MSNBC