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Or a Zzzzzz.

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Well I gave it a D-, so that's not exactly a ringing endorsement. lol There were some parts of the show that I enjoyed, but most of it was either mediocre and boring or outright bad. I tend to only give a show an F if it has absolutely zero good stuff in it. It has to be just outright crap. While last night's show sucked, it wasn't all bad from top to bottom.

Thanks for all the engagement here. I always dig seeing what others are thinking of the show.

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The Late Shift misses you, for the record.

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Oh, okay, you're one of those. Nevermind, I shouldn't have engaged. Have a great day.

For the record, though, straight up stealing a guy like Undertaker's money and then running away like a punk when you run across him in a dressing room a few years later isn't "protecting the business". It's being a jerk, a thief and a coward.

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I still predict that Hardy is going to be dealing with Cien before too long. Just a gut feeling.

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He's not. Balor and Rollins are billed at approximately the same weight as him.

Helluva hot take, though.

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He shouldn't have taken money to train people and then bailed on them. Karma, baby.

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"Rant" may be too strong a word. lol I was just expressing how odd the entire situation was. I'd have been fine with the explanation for Sonya getting the match if they'd, you know, actually said that or at least implied it or something. As it stands, though, Sonya just randomly got another shot and Naomi came back from a month off television with very little fanfare. I don't know the situation, of course, but man, you've gotta admit that it really does almost seem like they just forgot about her and had to throw something together to get her in the match.

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Vince being Vince backstage is what made WWE into the media juggernaut it is today. Is he always right? Hell no. But he does have a pretty strong track record over the last 40 years. Today it seems that everyone latches onto the things they don't like, the Roman push or the Jinder thing or whatever, and completely ignores the stuff like AJ being a multiple time WWE Champion. Rollins being arguably the most pushed guy of the last 5 years. Miz being given the chance to be the best part of whatever show he's on on a regularly basis.

It's easy to focus on the negative. It gets more attention. But if you balance stuff you like against stuff you don't, it tends to level out. I don't like everything WWE does. The Lashley segment sucked. But it was one segment. The rest of the show didn't suck anywhere near that level. That's like going to see a movie and then trashing the entire thing because of one 5 minute part that was lame.

It is possible to call out stuff that sucks without completely trashing the show and the company. Nobody bothers to do that anymore, though. I try to, because pro wrestling is my favorite form of entertainment. I love it. If I didn't, I wouldn't have been watching for 35 years.

No show is perfect. Not every segment is going to be great. For every Lashley's Sisters there's a Festival of Friendship. Sometimes a segment like that rocks, sometimes it blows. You don't really know which it'll be until you give it a shot and let it play out. If they cut out stuff like Lashley's Sisters and just stopped doing those sorts of segments, we'd miss out on stuff like the Festival. I will sit through a few minutes of suck if it means that I'm going to get something I'll love forever down the line.

If you think WWE sucks and you've lost trust in them then you shouldn't be watching right now. Maybe you should take a break, find another promotion to support, show WWE how you feel with your money and viewing time. If you say you don't want to quit watching because there are parts you like... well, you've just made my point. Maybe you hate Roman but love Rollins. Maybe you think Carmella sucks but you love Charlotte. It's all about balance. And if it ever gets to a point where you dislike more than you like, it's time to step away. You are under no obligation to watch WWE programming and there is a A LOT of great wrestling product out there these days and more ways to watch it than ever before.

I trust WWE. I trust them to give me a mixed bag of stuff. Some of it I'll like, some of it I won't. I also recognize that just because I don't like something doesn't mean that others don't. My nephews absolutely adore Roman Reigns. He's their hero. They have action figures, shirts, all that stuff. Is my opinion or your opinion more important than theirs just because we're older? No.

Too many today think their opinion is all that matters. That's never been true and it never will be true. What is true is that nobody is forcing any of us to watch WWE. If you don't like it, find something else. If you don't want to do that, at least give as much attention to the stuff you like. Surrounding yourself with negativity will do nothing but make you think even more negatively. You get what you put in. If you focus on the stuff you like, you'll find yourself enjoying things more, looking forward to the fun stuff instead of dreading the lame stuff.

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Um... WWE already brought back co-branded PPVs. And they've cut it down to one PPV a month. It's been that way for a couple months now and they've made it very clear that it'll be that way moving forward. Heck, they did a whole song about it and stuff. Have you been watching lately?