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You raise an excellent point. Rusev is being cheered in every arena across the country. Does that make him a failure? If you ask most folks, they'd say no, that it means he's over and deserves a better push. I happen to agree with that sentiment.

Many, though, seem to have a double standard. They'll praise guys like Rusev for getting reaction, even if it's contrary to the reaction he's "supposed" to be getting, while they crucify guys like Roman and Cena who get reactions contrary to the reaction they're "supposed" to be getting.

HHH has made it very clear in multiple interviews that the days of black and white "heel/babyface" dynamic is pretty much over, at least as a guiding light within the company. It's all about the reaction. With Roman, you've got a guy that people are emotionally invested in, one way or the other. A large portion of the crowd will lay down money to see him triumph, while another chunk of the crowd will lay down money to see him get his butt kicked. That's a lot of the crowd that's invested in the guy and they'd be fools to not position him in a prominent role.

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I'm just glad he's cleared. They could put him in a handicap match against Hornswoggle and El Torito and I'd still be hyped.

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I actually thought he got a pretty decent reaction. Just because a couple dozen folks out of multiple thousands were chanting "You deserve it!" and all that doesn't equal a bad reaction. Heck, he's definitely over as a babyface to me, as I've never liked Lesnar and his "in it for the money" attitude.

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Yes. Yes we do.

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Yeah, I guess not. That's unfortunate for them. They got to see Rousey, though. I'm sure that's a fair trade off to some folks. Not me, but I'm sure some folks.

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I guess we get to wait and see. I'm sure that it'll just wind up like every other arrest on a wrestling show and he'll be back next week.

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I wouldn't hate that idea.

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Thanks for being a long time listener, man! I agree on Shane for the most part, though I do think that what he does in the ring is entertaining. Is it good wrestling? That's debatable. Same goes for folks like Jeff Hardy or Mick Foley, though. There's a certain appeal to the "car crash" style that Shane brings to the table. His match with Angle at KOTR 2001 remains one of my favorites.

I'm hyped about Styles v Nakamura in that I know it'll be good in the ring. That goes without saying and is about as sure a bet as you can get these days. I hope the volume gets turned up on the storyline aspect of it just to give me that emotional investment that's lacking. That's really what it boils down to at the end. For me to be genuinely, full on hyped about something I have to be at least somewhat emotionally invested on one side or the other. I think I just pretty much like both guys equally and thus have no real investment on either side as it pertains to who wins, you know? That's not necessarily a bad thing. I felt the same way about the Styles/Balor match and enjoyed it quite a bit just from a pure in-ring quality standpoint.

I really love that people seem to be changing their opinions on Lesnar and Roman's WM31 bout as of late. It was hated on for so long just because Roman was in it and hating him is the thing to do. I've seen more and more people give it props lately, though, and I think it's warranted. That was a cool match, at least as far as Lesnar matches go. I, too, have my doubts that this year's will live up to it. I'm hopeful, though. I think we can pretty much count on them really laying into each other and working snug. Should be an interesting watch, at the very least.

Thanks a lot, man.

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I don't see Bryan getting in the ring. My guess would be Shane vs Owens vs Zayn with Daniel as special ref.

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Yeah, it seems that a fair amount of folks are uninterested. That said, a look around social media and listening to the live crowds indicates that a whole lot of people are very much into the idea of the match. I'm interested just because I've wanted to see it for awhile, but if my little scenario comes to pass, I would be interested in a very genuine way.