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We had a situation with the Forums a little while back and the entire thing reset. It pretty much lost everything, so you'll need to sign back up and create a whole new account. Kinda lame. Sorry about that.

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Dude is a straight trip. I hope they keep doing this same thing, just bringing him back periodically to mess around for a couple of months here and there. It's a good way to keep the character fresh without pounding it into the dirt and making people hate him, which is what they almost did with the whole Ambrose/Styles thing awhile back.

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That would've been a great way to do it. Or even to have Elias come out and lay out Lashley after the match.

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Same here. I think it could very well be the best WWE PPV of the year if it goes as well as it could.

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It really was, wasn't it? That whole bit just gave me the willies. Though it did give me the chance to say "fingered his ear hole" on the show, so I'm not complaining too much.

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I definitely think we may wind up with a triple threat, but I'm more inclined to think that they'll go with Lashley vs Brock. I don't know, just a feeling that I may we completely wrong about. That would leave the question of what Reigns would do, though, as you know he'll be booked into something significant at the second biggest show of the year. With Dolph seemingly moving on, though, perhaps they'd team him with Seth against someone, which could lead up to Dean's return. The only question would be who, you know?

I hope Braun cashes in. I want to be wary of saying it's a definite, though, as it may inspire WWE to not do it just to fool us, similarly to what they did with Brock beating Roman at WM.

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There haven't been many comments in general the last few weeks. I don't think people have been enjoying Raw very much and it's been having an impact on how many people listen to the shows.

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It misses you back.

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I suppose we can at least hope that regardless of which scenario plays out, we get a loud and resounding BRAAAAUUUUUNNNN to end SummerSlam.