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Drill Alaska!

Dill baby drill!!!

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thats why the business was started.... why do you think they like cash so much....?

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i doubt he even voted or cares

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easier for citizens that obay the law. The law did its job in this case and did not let Daniels buy a gun. His freind bought the gun and gave it to Daniels. Now the law will take care of Daniels freind. See how that works?

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They know what 12% means.

If you reduce it we still have liquor thats is a lot stronger. Stop telling us what we can and cant do and just inforce the laws if someone breaks them. Let people drink how ever much they want as long as it doesnt harm anyone else then who cares.

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Your correct.... wouldnt you like to carry the samething the criminals do? That way its a fair fight.

I'm willing to bet they are not the ones at the shooting range every other weekend spending $100 and practicing shooting technics and gun safty. I carry all the time and no one has ever known. You people freak out about guns but untill you own one and shoot one your wont respect them. there are too many wack jobs out there these days and im not going down without a fight.

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So its too slick out to get perfect traction on a bike and who ever rides is an idiot?

well that is BS. yes it is slicker then dry roads but if you know how to ride you will be fine.

I dont want to see any of you guys driving your car in the snow because you cant get perfect traction....

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would have been cool if he had a CCW...... would have turned out different...

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that is the greatest analogy i have heard!

Rights are rights, i would like to keep mine even if joe blow doesn't want to carry.

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why is it stupid? sure the roads are slick and wet and sandy.....

You drive a car when its slick out...

I rode today. Im not a idiot, i just know how to ride in conditions other then sunny days. You must not own a bike.....