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Jericho has stated he will not work any wrestling event in North America if it isn't for Vince. He refused to work the US events that New Japan had for that same reason. If Jericho is working other companies, they will be outside the US.

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I recently gave up on watching WWE. I have been bored lately with the product. The Daniel Bryan return really got me a little excited again, and I was hoping that Money in the Bank would spice things up a little bit. But after such an underwhelming card, I finally gave up a few weeks ago. I still read some headlines. But I just lost interest. Well deserved low rating.

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I thought she received the Little Jimmy award, and R Truth presented her with an invisible trophy and a spit a water bottle, telling her she will get got.

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What ingrates, after receiving the greatest gift on this beautiful earth....Titu's world slide.

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No Idolo? No Lo de Hoy? No Sentinela del Espacio? No Marcando la diferencia? In other words...NO ANDRADE CIEN ALMAS? Come on :(

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I read it FOR THE ROCK

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Imagine if Dana was around during the Divas era of 2000-2006. All those amazing photoshoots we would have haha

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Doesn't surprise me. This is almost Sunny level. Whenever he gets on the right track...boom. Back to it again. And yet everyone wants Jeff to get another world title run?

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I love Goldust, definitely a future hall of famer. But that "mom's basement" insult is just so old and cringe already.

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Then how are the young stars supposed to get over at the big stage, if the legends are hogging the spotlight. You keep depending on old guys to draw money. And when they can't move anymore, what will you do? Where do you pull more stars from? If you refused to push guys like Elias and Rusev to the moon? Sure Elias is over, but a big match can make him a total mega star. Look at Austin and his match with Bret at 13. That made him a mega star.