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Looks like this is an updated version, though.

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In which of the alternate timelines would you actually want to live? Or rather: Which could actually turn out to be ok all things considered?
Hard mode: No "Flim and Flam only took over Ponyville, I just move to Manehatten" shenanigans.

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There's a difference between "putting in fart jokes" and "putting in stupid bully characters that think fart jokes are funny".

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Imagine Applejack wasn't growing apples and instead she'd be Orangejack or Cherryjack or, idk, Jalapeñojack. Aside from her name not being an alcoholic beverage anymore, do you think her character would significantly change? Or would she stay our lovable country girl Element of Honesty regardless of fruit or vegetable?

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We can place all villains so far on a scale from physical to psychological, depending on their prefered kinds of attack.

- Tirek obviously is pretty far on the physical side. (That DBZ fight!)
- Chrysalis is 50/50. The whole disguise thing was psychological, but the Changeling attack afterwards was pretty physical.
- I'd place Nightmare Moon somewhere around the middle of the scale, too. Her "attacks" vs the Mane6 were more psychological, designed to stop them or split their group (especially the Shadowbolts), but not to outright kill them. (Well, maybe apart from that cliff and the manticore...) On the other hoof, her lightning attacks at the royal guards and the flashback-fight with Celestia show that she can pack quite a punch, too.
- Sombra is closer to the psychological side. He may have attacked the Mane6 outside of the Crystal Empire, but he mainly used fear to weaken his enemies. (Not sure what he did in the comics, I haven't read all of them yet.)
- Discord is 90% psychological. His chaos may have some physical effects on ponies, but it usually isn't actually dangerous.
- And finally, Starlight Glimmer is full psychological brainwashing mode.

What kind of villain do you guys prefer and what do you think works better in the show?

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Hey, just so you know, for some strange legal reasons Youtube livestreams can't be watched from Germany (and I think one or two other European countries, but I could be wrong). I could probably get behind some proxy (or just watch the recording afterwards), but if you're having trouble setting the stream up anyway, maybe you could consider using another service or sending out an alternate audio-only stream somehow.

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They are way too distantly related for it to ever become a problem. (Not to mention they're related by marriage, not by blood.) Someone on Derpibooru made a graph: https://derpiboo.ru/1009216

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Cutie Mark Consultants

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Paprika's an alpaca, not a llama. You may want to fix that, some people in Twitch chat already get salty... PJSalt

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Haven't seen it yet. I'm waiting for the uncut Blu-Ray/iTunes release in 2 weeks.