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Ooh nice! Skullgirls definitely could use more recognition and his art is great!

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#4: Nice! First MLP x Skullgirls art I've seen

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That was a reference to Harrison Jones I think since that's a Blizzard creation for WoW. His iconic catchphrase is "That belongs in a Museum!" Not sure if they were going for that, but that's the impression I got.

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People freak out way too much about emoticons. It's a natural development of the language and reflects society today. We can't be expected to hold a static view of language. It's not like using it will suddenly make society become a shithole. Just use emojis if you want. If you don't like it, don't complain about it so much: it doesn't affect you in any way.

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Everyone! Pile on!

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Western Civilization has so many skeletons in the closet. Britain alone screwed over almost every country in the world. America fucks everything it touches. World politics is a broken mess and as horrible as it is that thousands are dying to terrorist attacks. It's an even greater tragedy that the Western world has done much more than that and still refuses to admit its wrongdoings. Islam is a beautiful religion. It has strong messages and preaches for the goodwill of all mankind. It's incredibly unfair that Americans feel justified in making racial slurs upon Muslims when they are the true ignorant hypocrites for not understanding the fact that the Middle East situation is extremely complicated. There are massive tomes on just Israel and Palestine's relationship. It's our inability to do anything effectual in the Middle East to clean up our own mess that will really bite us in the ass. This is the shit that got us into World War II. We went all hard-ass on Germany and forced people to look up to a genocidal maniac. If we can't learn from history, then our future is very grim indeed.

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Exactly. And that's indicative of our negligence of Middle Easterners if our "aid" and "humanitarian efforts" are shattered by a crazy revolutionary group. Everyone is human and shunning them based on their unsavory reputation severely undercuts the fact that Muslims are, like all other humans, nice and friendly. It boils down to fear: if we don't understand someone else's culture, we immediately assume the worst and launch rhetoric against the supposed threat of a minority. While some may argue that the extremists are actually immense in proportion to the Muslim world, keep in mind that the whole conundrum in the Middle East was propagated by Western Civilization. A lot of the resentment of America comes from the fact that we act belligerent and start wars. We instated dictators and subjugated lives of millions. And we continue to neglect the lives of Muslims who deserve much more than America's inept policies.

And that is the true tragedy of the Middle Eastern situation. We brought this upon ourselves.

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I'd add on to this by saying that most Muslims are not evil. In the Middle East, the majority of the people living there don't even know what 9/11 was. They generally live shitty lives that most of us cannot fathom. Most of them don't care about America or terrorists since it simply does not affect them. Everyone only focuses on the extremists of each particular religion. For example, most Christians are respectable people who don't rape little boys or have weird conservative ideas. It's like if someone said all Bronies are autistic fedora-wearing faggots. That's the stereotype and definitely not the norm. You cannot slander an entire religion just because there are assholes who don't even follow their religion.

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He did the math.

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He has this personal vendetta against shipping for some weird reason. Every time they post anything vaguely outside his comfort zone, he just goes insane. Just ignore him.