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The calm before the storm of new shows.

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I have conflicting feelings rewatching this show again. It was the show that really got me into anime. I mean I had watched Digimon, Zatch Bell and what not in my childhood but I never realized they were called "anime" or that they were made in Japan until my friend showed me Gurren Laggen.

Because of that, this series holds a really special place for me. But as I've seen more series my praise for TTGL has waned. I held it on a high pedestal because it was my first anime but with recent viewings I see elements that I now see as "meh" instead of "cool".

It's not that I dislike TTGL, it's more that found other series that I like better. I still enjoy the characters and the overall ridiculousness that is Gainax.

With my nostalgia ranting out of the way I can move on to the episode. The opening scene with the battle scene is probably my favorite scene in the show. Other than that we see the characters getting introduced with Simon, Kamina, the village chief, and the fourteen year old girl that does not look like she is fourteen. All in all a good start to the series.

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I am surprised the news section receives the least amount of traffic. The news tends to be one of my favorite sections. It has given me good info on just announced series and other random info.

I like it when these sections cover under the rador and other relatively unknown series. Every site will post stories about SAO or Snk, but I'm more excited by announcements for things like the new Wixoss movie, updates on future series like Unhappy, and so on.

Now I am biased towards the Moe and SoL series but any news on anime related information is welcome information.

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I am emotionally torn though. On one hand I'm excited for more Love Live, but on the other hand I don't want it to be over. Hopefully Aquors gets an anime sooner or later.

A question for the Desu Daily idol club: While I have the idol bug again sould I start Idolmaster? It's already pretty high on my plan to watch list but should I make it an even higher priority?

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You can vote for it up top.

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Bunny Drop.

It almost won a few times ago. http://myanimelist.net/anime/10162/Usagi_Drop

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It looks interesting. What little of the manga I've seen was pretty nice as well.

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Already planning on watching it. One of over 10 series from next season that are in my plan to watch list. Now I just need to decide on how many of them I will watch as they air.

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Of all the rewatches Love Live probably had the most community interaction with comments and interest.