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Oh, nonsense. Netanyahu came to the US in 2002 to lobby for a US invasion of Iraq. He proclaimed that it would have "enormous positive reverberations" in the region, including regime change in Iran. You know what? If Bibi doesn't want to be blamed for stuff, he should begin by keeping his mouth shut, his army at home, and his settlers within the borders of his country. You can't have it both ways: sending Bibi here to lobby Congress every Monday and Thursday, on the one hand, and say, "ooo, don't blame him for anything, after all he's a Jew, and anyone who blames a Jew for anything is an anti-semite." Which is it, right-wingers? Do you think Bibi's a strong and assertive King of the Jews who knows (as he has bragged time and again) how to manipulate the Americans - in which case he should be held accountable - or is he just a plain schlepper who can't be held accountable for anything? Which is it? If the former, he's a criminal and should resign. If the latter, he's a nothing and should resign. Decide already! And don't trot out this "ooo don't blame a Jew for anything, or else you're an anti-semite" nonsense. No one in the world, except for the Jewish right-wing, buys it anymore. No one. Time to grow up and take responsibility for your words and actions. No one's being guilt-tripped by the anti-semitism card anymore. No one. Doesn't work. Give it a rest. You're only causing more anti-Israel and anti-semitic feeling in the world by constantly playing that pathetic, whiny card. Just stop.

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this is a parody, right? you chose the name Schmulke to honor Mr. Bernstein, the inventor of kosher egg foo yong, right? Tell us you're not for real .... please?

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psssst, Bernie...here's a secret ... you can have sex even if you aren't married...pass it along...

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yes, and he's also such a wonderful role-model for the children - you, too, kids, can grow up to make gazillions through gambling and prostitution!. You, too, can grow up and buy a newspaper in Israel to support your own private property, oops, I mean, your own prime minister! you, too, can grow up and single-handedly distort Jewish values through your gazillions! You, too, can grow up and declare that Israel doesn't have to be a democracy, a goal that your wholly-owned prime minister is working tirelessly to achieve! Yes, kids, Uncle Sheldon is a great guy to look up to!

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And note: President Obama is not the only president concerned with Bibi's disturbing pre-election statements. In fact, none other than the President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, made the following statement today, directly referring to Bibi's racist panic on election day: "A high participation rate in voting is a blessing for democracy. Woe is us if we see a curse in the fulfillment of the democratic duty of voting. He who fears ballots in the ballot box will end up by getting rocks thrown in the streets." No doubt if someone from J Street had made this statement, the right-wing trolls who inhabit these talkback boards would call them "Kapos, Hamas-lovers, Jihadi-supporters", and who knows what else. Well, trolls: what do you say about these remarks of the President of Israel, an old Likudnik and a decent man?

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Now that you've been revealed to be an extremist leftist trying to delegitimize the right by advancing ludicrous arguments on its behalf, it's hard to respond seriously to anything you write. Your argument that the Palestinians would view Israel as breaking a legal obligation if it withdrew from the West Bank is another example of an argument so absurd, it's clearly intended to delegitimize the right-wing. How long have you been a member of Hamas?

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Pssst, Gene....your words - "Israel is an european nation which promotes european values and thus might change the barbarian Middle East" - are what every radical anti-Israel person says when accusing Israel of being a colonial settler-state. Though you masquerade here as a far-right propagandist, this is clearly proof that you are actually an extreme anti-Israel leftist trying to delegitimize Zionism by pretending to say lunatic, extremist things on its behalf. Shame on you! Well, at last we Zionists have finally unmasked you as the anti-semite that you truly are. You can tell your paymasters in Teheran that your mission is no longer viable.

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What you have written here is as true as the rumor about you that's gone viral on the internet: that you are a reincarnated Martian whose parents were Saturnian agents and notorious anti-semites. Check it out.

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Not to mention that two of the best speakers were Nabila Espanioly of the United List and Amna Farooqi, a Pakistani-American! Their visions of an Israel of democracy and civil rights for all were most in accord with the values of the vast majority of American Jews. An Israel that American Jews could be truly proud of.

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As long as Israel wants American support - billions in government aid, vetoes in the UN, military and intelligence cooperation, diplomatic support, trade privileges, help on Iron Dome, etc etc etc, not to mention the hundreds of millions in private Jewish aid and $$$-backed lobbying in Congress - it will have to put up with American criticism. I suppose if it wants to do without all that, it could proceed with its policies free of criticism - annex the West Bank with a full-fledged apartheid system, expel Israeli Arabs, bomb Teheran, make the Chief Rabbi the final arbiter on all legislation, destroy the Supreme Court ...whatever latest insane fantasy Bibi, Lieberman and Bennett are dreaming up...Might not survive very long though...