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Ya, that was self defense until she stabbed him the 192nd time..............

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Don't get too happy with yourselves. ND's opponent was WMU. You should have won that game 52-0.
I was at the game, and the Broncos gave it all they had. So did the crowd when we started the wave and managed to get two seperate ones going in oppposite directions at the same time. Now THAT was a blast!!!!!!!!!! Incredbile performance sports fans!

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I rarely provide critiques of the headlines or the writing, I know reporters have a hard job. But the headline on this story makes me wonder if the banker is going to be heading for the lost and found department to reclaim his body...........

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Thank you, I'm here all week.

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Now THAT was funny!!!~!!!!!!!!

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You know, you go around here stating your opinions as if they were facts. You are entitled to your own opionion, but you apparently lack the skills to determine what is factual and what is not.
Just because YOU were opposed to the health bill does not mean the majority of Mr Donnelly's constituents were not. He stood up for his pro life views (which I oppose) and insisted that there would be no federal funding, and the matter was taken care of. Period. No future president would dare to rescind that order. The repercussions would be too severe. You know that as well as everyone else.

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But thanks for the care you show towards my attitude. For the record I am an optimsitic person. Once again, using your own logic, if you believe that God is our creator you must also believe that all things fit into his plan. And guess what, using your own arguments, abortion must logiclly fit in with his plan.
Is that how it works?

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First off, given your logic the death toll is actually 140,000 because now we are counting the unborn as well as the mother.
Secondly, I was providing the facts that were requested from Mr. Sicko up there.
Thirdly, how is it that you feel I'm trying to make "everyone else responsible for other people's poor decisions"?
Fourthly, of course responsible behavior is preferrable to an unwanted pregancy that results in abortion. I don't know of anyone who is a proponent of abortion just for the sake of abortion.

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That was a little calous, don't you think?
She committed a horrible crime, but you have no idea what led to these events. She hanged herself for God's sake, is that cause for celebration?

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You're right about that, Big, that was a vile comment.
However, in response to the original post (and I'm not sure if that 40 million plus number is accurate or not, but I'm going to roll with it and give dubs the benefit of the doubt) that's also 40 million who will never have to endure poverty, the lack of health care, or jobs. That is 40 million who will never have the knowledge of what's it's like to be an un wanted and un loved child, who will never live in a prison or on government assistance.
dubs, apparently it is your opinion that this country was "morally bankrupted" by the Roe vs Wade decision, but I fail to see that.