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It's not like attackes against conservative activists are anything new. The Obama administration, Pelosi, the Liberal media, the Democrat Party. Adding Clinton and Carville to the mix isn't going to interfer with our committment to take back our country from a corrupt government. Bring em on. See you at the next Tea Party event!

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When is America going to learn there is no way to fight a "Moral" war except to lose it. War is not moral. You fight to win and win quickly and you use everything at your disposal. If we had to fight WWII today, we would be fighting it for decades because it was immoral to drop the bomb. Fight your enemies to win or don't fight at all. It is not right to punish our soldiers for killing the enemy. As a Vietnam Vet, I support our troops and everything they do to defeat our enemies.

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Ever since "The New Deal" the Federal Government has been ignoring the US Constitution and taking more authority and expanding government control over the American people. It is time for this expansionism to stop and be reversed.

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Alabama passed the State Sovereignty Resolution (SJR27) on 1/19/2010. The Alabama AG Troy King has joined with other State AG's to declare Healthcare legislation Unconstitutional.

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I worked in the vending business for several years. We tried offering healthier choices in our machines and most of the food just went stale. It won't do any good to put items in vending machines, people won't buy. The government wants to control all aspects of our lives. What about the government subsidizing the tabacco industry while spending money and passing laws to get people to stop smoking. How smart to spend money to lower the cost of tobacco products while increasing taxes on those products.

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There is only one hope for putting an end to Washingtons Tax & spend agenda.We have got to vote each and every incumbent, Rep. or Dem. out of office and replace them with new, uninfected legislators. We need to do this at all levels of government. And the sooner the better!