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I was talking about this female, who is actually the spirit of the Blue Eyes White Dragon if you are into the Egyptian magic, unlike our friend Seto...

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Just to clarify, but your ancient egyptian girlfriend Kisara is indeed a dragon if you do not remember.

And as for your 3 dragons, ask Marik. He tends to know more about the bloody relationship rules.

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Oh, I see you are now cheating on your Dragon Girlfriend. Wait til she hears what kind of gentleman you are Kaiba.

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The bloody hell is this mess? Are you spamming the comments here just to advertise your own blog? And look here, there isn't anything worth looking at! My god this is worse than whatever the hell the Shadow Realm has. Quit being a bloody wanker and stop spamming here.

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I was thinking the same thing Ataeru. What happened to the internet?

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Ah there we go. I'm guessing a certain Pharaoh or some meddling kids saved it from damnation.

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Now can someone tell me where the bloody video is? I have yet to see it so I doubt I sent it to the Shadow Realm.

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But as you can see, no one bloody kidnapped you. Seriously, you just seem like some wanker who though it would be bloody brilliant to get some fans by just spouting nonsense among these pages filled with these comments! I swear Marik was even smarter than this. You need to be in character when acting with these "personas" if you would call them. You just made it bloody obvious that you are a fan without a care in the world to get +1s. You should be sent to the Shadow Realm for just existing. I'm done here, my tea is getting cold. Buggar.

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I guess it is time we send this soul to the -1 Realm!