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Interesting. We're willing to relocate hundreds of Prairie Rats, but not this mother bear and her two cubs.

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Thanks, Peter for your intelligent opinion piece.

A few things the c q s loonies have NEVER bothered to refute/debate:

1: My wife and I live 1.2 miles from the airport. We can hear EVERY SINGLE plane. There's not any problem at all from the sound of aircraft. We often play cards for a couple hours at a time on our back screened patio. Funny thing... we don't have to halt our conversations, nor is the neighbors lawn mower sound drowned out by the sound of aircraft, as has been spuriously claimed.

2: I golf, four hours at a time, at Twin Peaks, 3/4 mile from the runway, and guess what...? NO PROBLEM from the sound of aircraft. I've been accused of being hard-on-hearing, and someone who stays inside in the AC all day. Suppositions at best...but really out-right LIES. Lies right out of Kim Gibbs' play-book.

3: I know someone who lives 100 yards west of Kim Gibbs. He says he and his family can hear airplanes, but there's NO PROBLEM from the sound of aircraft.

4: Kim Gibbs lives about a half mile from Boulder Country Club and it's surrounding neighborhood. If the sound of aircraft is truly "debilitating" , "continuous" and " over the local area from dawn to dark"...then why no protest from that neighborhood? They have the cash-flow to shake things up, why haven't they joined Gibbs' crusade?
Perhaps they're not foolish enough to be parted with their money by being plaintiffs in a frivolous some others we all know...and love...

Speaking of neighbors....NOT A SINGLE ONE of Kim Gibbs immediate neighbors is on board with her never-ending crusade...not even one. Hey Kim...why is that? I's been about five years now you've been trying
to convince people that they're bothered by the sound of aircraft. It's beyond pathetic none of your neighborhood
is with you....NONE.

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I mentioned the growing DEBT. Did you miss that? You didn't deny it, that's for sure.

'...someone...who is unbiased and not clouded by ideology...'

Someone such as myself, registered unaffiliated...? Tell us mcbuffs, are you registered unaffiliated? Disclose that for us, will ya? For the record, I found W to be a bit of a dolt.

'...But President Obama has risen above the traitorous sabotage attempts to become one of the greatest leaders America has ever had and a true example of fiscal responsibility...'

"Traitorous sabotage attempts"...this doesn't seem very "unbiased" considering the national debt has doubled in the last seven years. Only a far-leftie thinks the insurmountable national debt is "fiscally responsible". Or is the doubling of the national debt the fault of the previous president?(that explains most problems today, doesn't it?'s W's fault)

'...he was one of the few who wisely voted against the embarrassing Iraq War...'
And how did HILLARY vote...? If you support her now, posting this is hypocrisy, no?

I notice the Canadian guy didn't mention Obamacare, not one syllable....interesting omission, to be sure. I wonder how much money from the shale oil up there is going toward sustainable energy RnD?

Canada guy didn't mention Keystone XL either....

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Yeah right.

How much debt did Senator Obama say was "un-American"? And how much more debt do we have today? Twice as much?

Let's hear the rationalizations and excuses....

You're QUITE welcome for the dose of reality, no charge.

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Well Mr Davies...we're also subjected to the droolings of Dana Millbanks along with your falderal above....

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The fantasy continues...

'...either adopt some reasonable regulations or the citizens of Longmont may decide to close that airport...'

Get it on the ballot then. After the voters in Longmont shoot it down in flames, will you finally shut up? We can only hope.

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Why no comment on this lie?

'... two MHS loud Twin Otters circling continuously over the local area from dawn to dark...?

This is obviously and demonstrably false, in other words... a lie.

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In that entire column, Ingrid fails to offer one iota of proof that there's oh-so-many people bothered by the sound of aircraft. Kim Gibbs and c q s have likewise failed...for years now. Even the lawsuit failed.

Hey Ingrid Moore...Kim Gibbs, what will it take for you to realize...the horse your flogging isn't just dead, it's fossilized.

You repeat the LIE '...circling continuously over the local area from dawn to dark...'.
When you say things that are so obviously and demonstrably false, how do you expect people(or a judge) to believe anything else you say?

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I wonder what the open-border/no-borders crowd here in America thinks about this fiasco?

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I think she's an obsessed lunatic living in a reality that exists only in her head.