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I feel so heart broken for these dogs, I must say I am scared when I see one loose because I know how owners can train these dogs to be aggressive. In my last home, our neighbor had two Pit Bulls in the yard. They left them out there all year long w/ no shelter, no water, chained up. The family children would poke the dogs w/ sticks. It was just sad.

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My husband & I moved here from Philly eight years ago, we have camped almost every corner of Oregon. We moved here because of the nature & its beautiful wilderness. I use to be scared of the animals but now I'm more afraid of the humans. Back east the danger is in the streets, here its in the woods!

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Oh.....Thanks for the laugh. I knew about the coffee story but the motorhome story is the winner. I never forget this one.

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I agree w/ Race427. The mother should be grateful that God spared her child, in spite of her lack of common sense & responsible parenting skills. It's easier to blame others for our own faults.