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personally yes, beforehand i was fully expecting the NWA title match to main event. It had the biggest hook of a story from the main Card, and the NWA brand still holds interests for caual viewers.

Can i see why it wasn't? absolutely, but for me it was main event material.

I just didn't like that you got that huge Cody moment, that was then followed by the Joey Ryan stuff. think of all those greats who tried to make Wrestling look legitimate, all those sacrifices for years and years of those to hold the NWA title, for that title to share billing with that trash that Ryan serves up was horrible for me to watch.

But overall, you have to tip your hat to Cody and the guys, I hope they take their time to take a big next step, I also hope they earned themselves big payday. they deserve it.

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I'm not massively familiar with NJPW or ROH, or much outside of WWE to be honest, I usually check out Wrestlekingdom each January, but thats about it. But enough buzz about this event made me check it out.

I think that struck me the most about the event was the poor production, Camera's in the wrong place, Commentators being given the wrong cues, sound volume wildly fluctuating, lighting slightly too dark. These are all small things that add up. Why they didn't spring the money to get Bruce Prichard on board to consult on this stuff I'm not sure. But whoever was in Gorilla didn't have their greatest night.

Other things I think took away from the show, was the NWA title match not being the main event. You have built the show around this huge moment of the first second generation star being NWA champ, and by the time people have digested it, a group of people dressed up as a Penis are on the stage.........

Jericho is awesome, and probably the best all round worker of the last few years, Seriously has there been anyone better at reinventing themselves and making themselves relevant as him?

All in all it was a very positive show, because it showed Wrestling is popular and doesn't NEED WWE to survive. But I think if it happens again, it needs more focus, is All In to be the indy Wrestlemania going forward? where ROH,PWG get their big pay offs?, does it spin itself to become a new promotion?

Interesting times ahead.

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I think you have let Dave off lightly for his comments.

He wasn't talking about the Enhancements, He basically said the WWE version of Peyton was less attractive and fatter than her NXT version.

What relevance does that have to their work? would you put those limitations and opinions on a male wrestler?

And go look at Meltzer's history of opinions on women in pro wrestling, he didn't need much of an inivitation to call Sable An ageing stripper back in the day. He's been chauvinistic for the longest time now, just this time he gets called out on it.

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They used to do the same for Xpac as well. When did wrestling become so ignorant to itself.

Back when wrestlers drew houses (these days the WWE brand draws the houses) It was because they actually listened to the fans. What did Hogan, the BIGGEST babyface in the history of Wrestling do when people stopped rabidly cheering him? he turned heel.

what did the Rock do when he was getting huge positive reactions as the corporate champion? he switched gears and became the peoples Champion.

That's why the Austin heel turn never worked, the fans didnt want him to turn, he was the guy.

But for some reason, post Wrestlemania 20 the WWE have forced themselves and others to believe, that any reaction is good. It isn't.

Let the natural connection between performer and crowd take shape, people want to hate Roman, because it will heal the rift. it will allow audiences to get out of their system. I think it's pretty damned clear now ratings are where they are, and revenue is where it is. The Network has ensured they can take risks, and i can't understand for the life of me why they won't take it?

But one thing is for sure, just any old reaction isn't a good thing. you need the right reaction to draw more money.

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'And how about those RAW ratings… Oh, you’re going to give me “but but but NBA Playoffs” and “but but but Memorial Day holiday”. Let me remind you that during 1998 when BOTH WCW Nitro and WWE Monday Night RAW were growing, they also aired shows on Memorial Day and faced off with the NBA Playoffs which featured arguably the greatest and most popular basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan. RAW right now faces an NBA with reduced television viewership versus 1998 AND without any wrestling competition like WCW Nitro to steal its fans.'

Yes, because back in 1998 you couldn't catch up on WWE as easily. So fan's had to make a choice, a choice that is no longer needed to make.

what's going to be on ESPN Directly after the NBA game finishes? highlights and results of that game, you are going to be SPOILERED up the backside. so you watch that live, and wait to catch up with Raw on HULU, because the Raw results can be easily avoided.

It's that simple. it really, truly is.

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I think Vince is getting far too much credit for this. George Barrios and his team are the ones driving these good deals. Vince's genius has always been surrounding himself with the best people. And that's coming true again here.

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I didn't know Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens had the same dad?

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This will be something added by the Saudi Government and NOT a WWE policy. You can't criticise them for the following the rules of the country they are performing in.

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I predict that Brock will land an unprecedented mixed promotion deal. WWE will keep a mania date on him and he fights for UFC either side.

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'the WWE just let CM Punk cut a promo after a John Cena vs. R-Truth tables match and gave him full creative freedom to say whatever in order to draw some level of heat for this Money in the Bank 2011 match'

it is super cute that you believe that promo wasn't scripted. Brilliantly executed, but this wasn't Punk with the leash off.