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Huh, ya know, a week or two of EVE fails montage/meme/GIFs could keep the site active for a bit, and lord knows the EVE Online guys have had a bad last couple months with Team Rocket levels of screwup

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No, I'm here, just hiding in the closet with a cardboard cutout of a cake.

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ya know, if the game ended up ever looking like it does on the patreon (cute little pics on the main menu/etc, ya know, graphcial menus) itd be awesome.

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What is this? Halolz started updating? And I missed it by a month?

Oh well, at least now I can continue my quest for 100p!

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why SHOULDNT you have to unload several magazines into a target armored in futuristic polymer-compounds and covered in a SHIELD? i'd assume you also play Halo on legendary and immediately reset to last checkpoint the second you get hit because "hurrdurr too many bullets". fact is, there is lore to say why soldiers are so durable.

what I'M wodnering is how the hell someone in CoD can be hit in the leg with a .50 cal rifle, continue sprinting into a building, and come out the other door WITHOUT A SCRATCH LEFT, those are normal soldiers with no fancy armor or shields, comapred to them, DUST soldiers should conceptually be warfare demigods.

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But DUSt has already been made, it WILL be expanded on FOREVER, whereas destiny may receive a couple MT expacs and be abandoned inf avor of a new project 6 months down the road of release.

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Yes, because i totally want to be a 300 pound beefcake who is blatantly designed to look like a neandratholic tool of bludgeoning. half the reason i play girls is because musle-McGee looks ridiculous shooting fireballs of controlling a robot army to slaughter his foes while he hides behind his rock and his teammates are slaughtered leaving him alone to take the loot.

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yeah i was banned from aeriagames on all 12 of my accounts for reporting one of their moderators via petition for being openly racist, sexist, and harassing players over a 6 hour period, he then proceeded to be the moderator that received my petition, so yeah, sucked to be me.

ive since moved on to gpotato, gotten bored of that, took up eve online, and approaching year 3 of my eve subscription. (honestly the only MMO i could ever play besides eve would be a PRE-CU SWG version of SWTOR, cause the SWTOR they put out was horrible)

just saying, that company is horrible and everything they touch reeks of their taint.

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Yes, a Revolt ONE TIME, out of 10 years. Fact is, CCP has shown capability in keeping a game running and successful for 10+ years, sometimes listening to players, sometimes not, but the fact is, they have managed to keep their entire business afloat for 10 years off eve, if CCP shanghai can show the same level of dedication to DUSt as CCP Iceland has shown EvE, the game will still bea round, and more successful than ever, year after year after year.

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except when "the art" is shown to be ungodly profitable as a stable income source for 10+ years (such as eve has been, despite NUMEROUS gaming reviewers decrying ti as an obsolete game style with an archaic subscription method, it has shown steady growth and progress over 10 years)