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My God, it's a fucking miracle. Thank God he finally got what he deserved.

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"I like taking them down a notch...one of my least favorite superheroes is Superman because he can do anything," Cook said. Clarifying that she had no plans to expand the main characters' powers, Cook added, "Everybody riffs on 'Celestia's hurt and can't help again.' Well the reason is...she'd solve the problem and the episode would be four minutes long."

So according to you this is saying that she hates Celestia? Funny, because to me it just seems like she's trying to make her less of a Mary Sue. There's no malicious intent there, and I agree with the fact that there wouldn't be much of a plot if she could just fix everything from the very beginning.

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Nightmare Nights is the annual Brony Convention in Dallas, TX in October. Nightmare Nights 2014 was the best convention I have ever been to so far.

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Friendship is Witchcraft already got hit, that's why all of their videos link you to their own website.

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Actually there are still some theaters playing it.

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I still don't see what people don't like about Equestria Girls. I'd say 80% of the fandom has learned to accept it.

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The synopsis already states that she goes through the portal to get some kind of crown. That's her mission.

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Holy short roundup Batman!

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This is gonna be crazy if they successfully reform Discord and he becomes a recurring protagonist.

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I give it a day before it's animated.