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I stand corrected, Barb. She has been charged. What I meant to point out is that she has not yet been proven guilty. Of course there are going to be opening statements and whatnot, but that does not mean she is a murderer. The fact that it is unclear if she was pregnant in the first place must be examined. Rape or not, OP made an ignorant comment and I pointed it out. As for your comment about rape, it's also not fair to victimize a victim. This wouldn't be an issue if she had had an abortion, but since she MAYBE had a baby that MAY be dead, it's a whole soap opera. There may have never been a baby, yet this woman is being labeled already. I hate dumb males who rape and murder children as much as I hate woman who do the same, on top of idiot posters who pass judgement before a verdict has been reached. Think about it. =)

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"She was the one who choose to have sex so she needs to take responsibility." You're ignorant. This is making the assumption that all pregnancies are a product consensual sex. Not every woman who becomes pregnant had a say in what was happening at the time (rape victims). You're also assuming she killed a baby and are branding her as a murderer for a crime she has not been charged for. Like you hate dumb females who dump babies, I hate people who post ignorant thoughts in public forums. Good Game.

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Thumbs Down me all you want, but what's wrong with keeping comfortable during your dying days/hours/minutes? I agree it's course of nature for everything to die, however, I don't think it's a bad thing to keep the whale comfortable while it dies/recovers.

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I'm not a vaccinations fanatic, however I am a parent who researches what is going in to my child and what side effects she may encounter and the possible risks associated. Before an infant leaves the hospital they are given the HepB vaccine, and shortly after that (Even at 29 days) They get their second round of that same vaccine. Anyhow, my statement was to show, that there could be other factors, aside from the father abusing the child.

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I was reading over some material about the vaccines we are required to give our children the other day, and I'm going to throw this paragraph out there, the information was found on the CDC website:

"Many infants who suffer the so-called 'shaken baby syndrome' may be victims of undiagnosed vaccine damage. Ever since mass vaccination of infants began, reports of serious brain, cardiovascular, metabolic and other injuries started filling pages of medical journals." In fact, pertussis vaccine has been used to induce encephalomyelitis, which is characterized by brain swelling and hemorrhaging."

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Aww godskid is angry and flaming people. Why does this person have to be involved in the justice system to know about it? Perhaps they are married to one on the justice system, or perhaps they studied it, got a degree in it and chose to take another path in life, or maybe, they are the child of one in the justice system. Also, maybe they have been through the justice system and have an intimate knowledge of what can happen and what can't.

As for you, I dont know what your profession is, but if it has anything to do with the justice system, I Pray that your temper is kept in check while working because here you have shown absolutely zero class. Also, unless you're closely involved with the justice system, you should refrain from these type of comments as you are no better than the peson you just flamed. And if you are involved, why don't you try to educate folks instead of throwing a temper tantrum like a toddler. Thank you, and have a nice day.

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Dolly, you actually never said the word MAYBE. Quit trying to twist the truth in what you said. In fact you more or less convicted the woman with your statement, and this is a direct quote from your above post "The mother most likely did somethng". Stop your petty finger pointing until there is more known information from officials. Right now you're trying to place blame on an innocent woman who at this time is a VICTIM! Quit victimizing the victim. Oh yeah, and please use more swear words at me, and remember not to kiss your kids mouths with those putrid lips.

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Can you explain to ALL of us, where we have misread anything you have posted today? I'm dying to see where we ALL went wrong! See! See, I'm not being one-sided, and I'm giving you a chance to prove us all wrong, as you say we are not reading what you said properly! If you can show us where we were unable to read things through, maybe we can negotiate the flames against you. Heck, I'll even apologize for being harsh!

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Just remember Dolly, don't kiss your kids with those poison lips tonight, while you're sleeping in bed next to them... I know you said you know where they are every second. Lovely person, open-minded person as you are! *hugs* (Thought you might need some love becuase it seems to me that you are completely out of control and out of touch with reality!)

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Not to detour attention from the story here, but Dolly, Who are you saying is the problem? And I love how you lie and say you know where your kid is every second, You're still putting blame where blame does not neccesarily need to go. It scares me that people like you are allowed to parent at all. The real problem here are folks like you spreading speculation and rumors, instead of doing something proactive to help locate this young child. Oh, and BTW! All the time you spend trolling forums, where are your kids? Shouldn't you be out with them EVERY SECOND? Wow. Lie some more!