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I hope he gets the help he needs. We all go through the sludge and sh*t. Pray that he comes out on the other side better and stronger.

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I always wanted to see Lesnar vs Lashley. Lashley has a much better fight record.

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Jesus, Brocks conditioning looks great for his upcoming UFC fight.

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Don't use it then.

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I actually do pretty well financially, actually. But you do have more internet points than me, so I guess you got that going for you, which is nice.

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That’s literally what social media is...a way to express your opinion. Don’t like someone’s opinion, don’t follow them. Social media is a window, don’t like what someone says, close the window.

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They were better off in the Indies. Less of a work schedule at their age, sold out their merch EVERYWHERE, and their tag teaming across multiple orgs and winning titles was great. Now, they’re just low to mid carders.

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Steroids aren't fun. They make you die quick, kids. Hell, Jim Neidhart was 63. That's still young. Most wrestlers die early. Makes me think that Jinder will probably die by the time he's 40's he's popping so much juice.

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He’s a lawyer

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I wouldn’t wish harm on anyone, but could you even imagine if he was injured at Summerslam and couldn’t compete for UFC? Besides, Stipe is still entitled to his rematch before Brock.