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And while we are at it-------a big cheer for the Post Office and the DMV. The stupid fools in office can't run anything. The libs are too busy giving out free stuff to all the flakes while seeing how they can raise taxes another penny or so. Folks, it isn't going to stop until we get rid of the libral judges, senior civil service employees and weak suck politians.

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Like I have always said, 99% of the lawyers give the rest of them a bad name.

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They should merge Iran and Iraq into one state and call it IRATE! Then put all the nut cases in there and let them do each other in.

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I hope he likes his new wife in prison, BUBA! Now he can have all the twisted sex he could ever hope for,

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We do not tar and feather enough so called politions in this country any more. Here is a perfect example of a bunch that needs to be kicked out of office=--no retirement-- no "golden parachute", just kicked out on their butts.

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More dumb bunnies lost in the woods. Won't these people ever learn? They have devices that will help people locate them, but that would take too much effort for hikers to take one along. Thanks for putting the S&R people in danger.

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Obama, now you only have eleven more steps to go.

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Poor old guy, he was just a "little" over the limit (2 1/2) times. I liked him in MIB. I hope he gets out of this one.

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Ha Ha only you spelled it wrong. It should be STOOPID. (I always get a laugh out of that one)

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To: Boeing727---If you can make it through 12 years of Catholic School and all the nuns, Marine Corps basic training is a piece of cake.