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Sure, this law seems undemocratic and evil, but Rick Scott is just trying to save minorities and young people from the temptation to use the voting booth in a cynical attempt to vote for their own interests! Shouldn't we say thank you? Probably!

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In his defense, when Eric Cantor decided to craft a speech to address the concerns of the 99%, he had no idea that any of those 99% would actually attend.

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Wait, aren't there some white soon-to-be-slave prisoners in Georgia? I thought so. This just proves that the Civil War had nothing to do with racism.

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Well, of course she inherited the money, amirite? If she had earned her money all by herself then she wouldn't want to give it all away like a class traitor. She should try to emulate hardscrabble, yet rich, heroes like, um, the Koch brothers, no wait, or Mitt Romney or the Waltons. Oh never mind.

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First they came for the anthropologists, but I said nothing because I studied hard science.