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It doesnt cost more for grass fed beef, the grass still grows and here in the PNWet the water from the sky is still free, if sporadic. The pork MIGHT cost more, I'll pay it for a critter who has NOT been hormone filled and injected with antibiotics.

More COULD if they paid attention and were willing to forgo the ease of walking into Mega-Mart and grabbing a thought-free package of meat to throw on the grille.

Making ones own ham and bacon is easy. Really it is.

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Pump or flow it to a river, depending on the hydrodymanics of the lake.

Years ago we drained a lake where i used to live, we diverted the inflow using pipes and pumps, lowered the gates on the outflow and pumped with LARGE pumps....we had some springs in the lake to contend with but we did drain the lake to a depth of less than a foot (it was a hardpan floored lake) and walked down the whole thing with searchers arm to arm.

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A parent's nightmare.

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From the information as presented in this and other stories, sounds to me like Adult and Murder One should be the headliner charges.

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Unless you get ones raised right and locally, I make my own bacon and ham from hogs I see and from folks i trust. After verification.

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In a unanimous decision, the Seattle City Council voted to (further alienate the folks who might drive into the city and try to make a day of it) allow time-limit parking along the waterfront on Sundays.

Anymore, while I used to enjoy taking a day on the waterfront, I cannot see dealing with the hassles on parking and panhandling and other issues. I now just drive in to the FEW places I like to go that have their OWN parking that is not exorbitant, do what i need to do there and go out to a more friendly place to take in a show or a meal.

I wont miss much...Seattle will have that much less income.

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Likely wont find any more....or any tracks. They have done the desired deed, put everyone on edge and stirred up the pot.

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You likely had a proscribed word or date somewhere....I've had that happen to a perfectly factual post.

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Yes i leave my windows open, blocked to 6", its the ONLY way to cool off the house which bakes in the afternoon and evening sun. Doors? Not so much.

I dont own a 9mm....I much prefer a .45 and one is within reach. the LAST guy who wandered into my place after forcing the slider and breaking the lock (no stick) opened my bedroom door to look down the bore. I heard a sound in what was supposed to be a quiet house.

I had already dialed 911 and told them that i was in a bedroom with an intruder in the house AND that I was armed. Fastest response i have ever gotten....ALMOST AS FAST AS PIZZA!

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Denial is DEEP and Wide.