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That is so ironic, I love it. Except that you're having problems, and I hate that. Sounds like a problem on your end, though - looking it up in iTunes on my iPad, it plays and downloads properly. Hope you were able to download it.

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This could be just the thing to wake Ice Cube up from his family-friendly movie slumber.

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But it still seems ludicrous that a Scramble clone requires a 3GS device, doesn't it?

13 years ago @ RazorianFly - Apple to Jailbreakers:... · 0 replies · +2 points

I don't think they're saying that they're going to brick the phones at all - they're saying they won't service the devices if they FUBAR because jailbreaking violates their warranty. Which is perfectly fine by me.

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Thanks for letting us know!

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And win you shall, as you are the winner! Congrats! Check your email!

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While it doesn't bother me as much (the increased resolution trumps the frame rate), what is bothering me is that Angry Birds SD has gotten a content update that Angry Birds HD has not. Why are we supposed to buy the HD versions of these games, again?

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Am I kind of prejudging the game? Sure, why not. But this is a cheap license cash-in in an oversaturated genre. These games are getting old, and Konami could be doing so much more with such a venerable license than just a puzzle game with barely any new assets. I don't care if I'm judging this game far ahead of its release, this is a cheap license cash-in, and our money is better spent on developers who actually exert some effort into their projects on the system.

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I have 2 things to say:
1) It's both 1 and 2.
2) I love you too. <3

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No, Crystal support's coming in a future update, at least to provide online multiplayer, though.