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They hate the nigger. (Which I use here for effect, not as a pejorative.) And their brains are blowing themselves up not being able to say it out loud. Frat boy? Huh. I doubt it. More like KKK Boy.

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Yep. Time to put yer money where your snark is. My snark just looked guiltily around and began whistling and went walking slowly away...

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Many people WANT the rich to fuck them in the ass. Maybe something will trickle down.

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Sideboobs. Really. Some idiots ought to get out more. Or find real porn.

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They built the prisons for that. They own the guns. They own the cops and the laws. It's kind of a slanted playing field. But hey, yeah, go revolution. I'm all for it. No wait, I've got a conflict that week. How about...nah that won't work either. I'll get back to ya!

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"Should you get to go to McDonald's on food stamps?" My god. I never realized McDonalds had made it to the List Of Things Poor People Consider A Luxury. I suppose next we'll be asking "Should poor people a RIGHT to live? Or should they pay a "live" tax?"
Oh wait. They already do.

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Who's Pamela Gellar? signed, Yes, I'm That Isolated

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The feedbag should go over her head.

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The only Hot Pocket at the Vatican is the one in the Pope's leisure suit.

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"Hey! Build a wall around it!"