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I shouldn't have to walk away. Everyone should be able to clearly see and, as a fandom, decry Equestria Girls as the garbage it is, the garbage Lauren hated (so say I and her own husband).
But no. Apparently I'm the lunatic. Apparently Equestria Girls is a good film! It has a great antagonist, and a great romantic interest, and it's writing is award worthy! Man, Lauren would have loved this! It's surprising she didn't say so anywhere online, or send a fruit basket to McCarthy as congratulations for handling her characters so well!

So I lash out at you, at a majority of this fandom for positively reinforcing the destruction of something I loved, because simply I cannot contain my ire.
Those who liked Flash are betraying the show. Everything Lauren says she wanted for the show, everything she tried to achieve, is in stark contrast to Flash and EqG. I don't care anymore about being rude.
Because I still believe the same things she believes.
It's also a crime her Super Best Friends didn't get turned into a full show. Her designs were exactly the sort of thing EqG should have had. Fuck Hasbro for designing the girls like they did (they forced DHX to make them look like the toys, because making the toys look unique and designed more fitting to their personality is more effort than they're willing to expend).

I wish I didn't have to walk away. I shouldn't need to. The potential is right there for MLP to be great, in show and film. But it never will be, thanks to Hasbro and the current fandom.

This is why I'm so angry.

So maybe this is a blessing. Maybe I can stop focusing on this show now, and create what I think the show should be, for the girl audience and for others.
I just deleted my bookmark for Equestria Daily. I was there for all the major pageview milestones. I was featured in the drawfriends a few times. Calpain was awesome to me, personally, he helped me buy a new tablet, simply because he liked my art. I still feel like I owe him for that, despite giving him art, and he saying I owed him nothing. Even though I quoted him in my first comment, I never meant any vitriol towards him, just his unfortunately true observation.
I was mainly sticking around for the music posts, but I barely download any of it now.
I'll miss this site, but I won't miss the fandom, or Hasbro.

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Sorry to not reply, work this week was exhausting.
And I've got to stop writing comments too big for IntenseDebate.

To clarify: Not these comments, previous comments. My comments here are obviously not polite, but I can't care anymore. I have no politeness left for people I consider detrimental to the creative integrity of the show.
In a perfect world, McCarthy would have realized you can't do Flash as she did, in a show with this real world history, considering everything Lauren tried to do. This show does not exist in a vacuum. I've always been worried it'll turn back into G2/3/3.5. Hell, it got a ton of word of mouth simply because it wasn't like those Gens.

It doesn't matter what I say or how I say it, politely or not. Too many fans refuse to believe that something they love is degraded, regardless of the evidence.
I suspect the only reasons anyone liked the film was 1) it came out in hiatus; too many people were starved for anything pony related. 2) Many saw it in theatres with friends; they enjoyed the experience of being out, in public, with friends, watching pony, rather than because the film was good/well made.
And the only reason people like Flash is because they have a sick desire to pair characters up (Shipping), regardless if it makes sense, or if the characters have literally nothing in common, or are well written.
The girls are/were decently written female protagonists with depth. Lauren strove for this because it was not the norm. Flash, and the entire film, degrades them, reducing them to the kind of characters Lauren hated.

And besides all this, I am in the minority. You're all going to get more Flash and more shitty EqG films, instead of decently crafted relationships and the kind of film Lauren would have loved.
The target audience deserves better, they deserve what Lauren wanted.
The lost and squandered potential is abominable.
I just read the Spike/Celestia Friends Forever issue. That would have made an awesome episode! It had bonding and character building, action and peril, and writing with nothing wrong with it! Instead of Daring Don't, or Power Ponies, or Twilight Time, this comic should be the animated episode!
I knew it was only a matter of time before Hasbro made a film; I never expected them to make something so completely missing its' potential.
The film, and some episodes, didn't have to be bad. I don't know if they are because of incompetence or apathy, but competent writing is exactly what Lauren was fighting for. Just cause it's for girls doesn't mean it has to be lacking in effort or quality. The fact that so many of you embrace such bad writing leads me to conclude that many of you think girls deserve crappy cartoons and films.

And I wish I didn't have to walk away. I wish I didn't feel this way. When I first started watching, I was excited! It felt like I part of something great, like it was really going to shake up the animation landscape; there could be a Renaissance for girls cartoons, shows that the people involved could take seriously. Here was proof that could make something great from such shallow ashes.

But now, thanks mostly to EqG, it feels like such a huge step backwards. I am seriously worried regarding the upcoming Rainbow Kingdom (the new princess is gonna need guards right? Of course she is, and guess who is on loan from the crystal kingdom? That's right, Flash! They make such a cute couple! Blech. (so many damn kingdoms, thanks Hasbro, gotta keep selling those new castle play sets right!? Where's the Library Basement Laboratory huh? Oh, I forgot, girls love to brush and braid, not science).

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Because I can't resist, and because IntenseDebate sent me an email even though I unchecked the email box:
If I'm not allowed to speak for Lauren, despite personally being influenced by her and sharing her ideas, how about her own husband? You know, someone whose projects she worked on, went to the same school, and I'd be willing to bet shares her views? Which was even posted here on EqD.
"Their take on Equestria Girls: “I don’t think [Lauren]’s the biggest fan of that,” McCracken deadpans.
“That’s one of those things would have made her leave anyway. If they had told her you have to turn them into human beings now and they have to go high school, she would have said, ‘No, that’s exactly what I didn’t want to do with this show.’ Lauren’s priority was telling stories and Hasbro’s priority was selling toys. It’s a different way of approaching the work and it was difficult for her to bridge that gap.”
She can never say a bad word about it, because it would damage her professional career, so this is the closest we'll get to her official opinion. One that I think is pretty damning, one I share.

And no, I don't think McCarthy sold out. I think she wrote a terrible script when she didn't have to, because even I think the premise could have worked, if she had put some effort into it.
We know she's a good writer, and I do think she shares the same ideals Lauren does; they've worked together before. Every single one of her FiM scripts are so much better, not just in content but the way they're written. A Canterlot Wedding and Princess Twilight Sparkle, aren't perfect, but they'd make better films than this garbage did. It's so evident to me that she put the least amount of effort into EqG, I assume because, like Lauren, she didn't like the idea much herself. But then, a majority of you loved it! Praised it! Want more of it!
And that is frustrating. Because I feel like I'm in a minority that still cares about decent writing for female characters and audiences. This show has so much potential, being squandered.

I've tried being polite, tried reason and logic, and I can't do it anymore. Nothing I say will convince any of you. Lauren herself could publicly denounce the film and most of you would still love it, still love everything Hasbro forces McCarthy to deal with.

I give up. It's too depressing.
I'm going to go draw my wizard and orc girl cartoon.

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It's been a long time since I watched Fargo, but the Coens write their characters well. The husband, if I recall is seen in a few scenes, and provides his support (in the wonderful way the Coens write) of his police chief wife who he knows is capable. Remove him, and you lose something meaningful to the protagonist. Remove Flash, and nothing changes (apart from one scene, which I've already said doesn't really count).

Your viewpoint is that Flash adds something simply by existing. Something about how he reinforces what McCarthy said about Twilight becoming a Princess not changing who she is.
I disagree.
We are never going to agree.
I loathe that I seem to be in the minority, which is partially why I am unhappy with the state of this fandom, which I have loved since mid season 1. A fandom majority which now gladly eats anything Hasbro puts out, regardless of quality or the potential the characters and world have.
Hasbro forced a terrible decision, and McCarthy wrote a terrible script. I want more people to see this. Or at least, to prevent there existing a wall of positive reinforcement for Hasbro and DHX to congratulate themselves over.

At the end of the day, I think McCarthy would have written a better FiM pony movie, and I lament the fact we aren't getting that instead of another cliche'd piece of garbage that destroys everything that many consider the best points about the show. Which most people can't see, simply because it leeches off FiM. I guarantee, that is if was an original IP, few would have cared, and even fewer would be defending it.

Once more, with feeling! Take it away Zoidberg! http://cdn.memegenerator.net/instances/500x/20440...

I'm not wasting anymore time on this. Enjoy your terrible destruction of everything Lauren worked hard for.
I'll be spending my life trying to make my own fantasy series with female protagonists, a show that carries on Lauren's ideals that I share.
The End.

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Flash is scant, boring, grinds the story to a halt, and is a detriment to the main female protagonist, reducing Twilight, a smart, capable female protagonist, into a stupid, clumsy, blushing teenager. It's really amazing that FiM shows her in a better light, which is aimed at younger audiences, than the film that was designed to appeal to older audiences (pre/teen girls). What kind of message does that say? One that I doubt Lauren would agree with.

Imagine, the evidence of the photos wasn't two photos on top of one another. Imagine it was a photoshopped image printed out. Twilight would not have known about this, because she has no idea about how our computers work. The 'evidence' would look genuine to her, her intelligence is not called to question because it makes sense now for her to not know how there is a picture of her doing something incriminating. Instead, we have 'evidence' that a five year should be able to see is fake. Including Twilight, our protagonist, who is supposed to be one of the smartest characters. Let alone Luna the Vice Principal. But, apparently, Flash comes in to save the day. Like I said, the only way to make him relevant to the plot at all, was to make everyone stupider. This is one reason why he is detrimental, to the protagonist and the target audience.
That is not okay. That is a bad characterisation, and bad writing.

And now you're arguing that a girls show featuring female protagonists should not have decent male characterisation. I agree that all that emphasis the fans make on male characters is a bit much, but to write off a father's or brother's influence altogether? That's bad writing. Even in smaller roles, male characters can be written well without compromising the female characters. Which is what Flash did!
I'm starting to think we are diametrically opposed...

And no, I don't want a greater focus on the male characters than the female, the mane 6 are the protagonists after all. But Cheese Sandwich was pretty great. If they decided to pair him with Pinkie, I wouldn't have much of a problem with it. I'd be wary, as I always have been, considering this show's history, but if they did it, it'd be a better pairing than TwiFlash. Cheese actually meant something, to Pinkie and to each other, and to the plot.

And so, you agree that Flash is as helpful as a fish bicycle. And think that's a good thing, instead of a waste of time.
And... comparing Flash to the police chief's husband in Fargo (I assume that's who you meant). I guess you say that thinking that the husband in Fargo had a point, and so does Flash. That's where we disagree. I don't think Flash had a point. I think he was only there because Hasbro said so, and McCarthy tried to write him as little as possible, unfortunately creating a character so awful and detrimental.

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♪, ♫You say garbage, I say the truth, garbage, truth, garbage, truth, lets call the whole thing ooooooffffff!♪, ♫

I disagree with you on my supposed use of logical fallacies, and narrow-mindedness. There is nothing I can say to convince you otherwise. I think my viewpoints are based on evidence, and Lauren's skills she has demonstrated in multiple tv shows and films.

I've already explained how his 'active' role is not active or useful, or has a point.
I've already explained that "He had no flaws, was unrelatable, was pretty, polite and perfect, with no legitimate conflict and nothing exciting ever happened" Everything about Flash is right there. Everything Lauren describes as a bad female protagonist can be used in regards to a character such as Flash, who as romantic interest is supposed to be important. Or at least, not a massive waste of time, or insulting to every on of its demographic audiences.

He is the 'romantic interest'. That is his role. From a script writing/production viewpoint. If he weren't, his and Twilights' interactions wouldn't be almost entirely based around clumsiness and blushing. Something, anything. There would actually be some substance to him, more than pretty boy with a cool car and plays the guitar and does literally nothing else of value or interest. He reads like he was created in a boardroom, where old mean in suits ask "what do teenage girls like?". There is no other reason for these scenes to exist. You claim they show things, or were intended to show things, like how Twilight's princesshood doesn't put her above male interaction, and how it doesn't interfere with her goals, and that she isn't unapproachable but there are better ways to do that and I believe you are reaching for something that isn't there. Like how an art historian can say what paint splotches meant to the artist, and the message it's trying to display. What you describe is not there, if it were, it would need a point and be shown in a meaningful way. Here, it's just a forced romantic interest, which happens 4 or so times, and affects nothing. There is no motive for him to interact with her. They bump into each other, they blush, they have nothing in common. Why does he intervene in the photo scene? Why does he care? Because she's pretty? Because he conveniently happened to be around? Cause Hasbro said so? And for gods sake, why set up that he and Sunset were an item, if you don't plan to do anything with it at all! It's useless backstory that adds nothing! Just like Flash himself! It was right there! Use it as part of Sunset's redemption! That way, she doesn't go from Demon to crying "I didn't know friendship was this strong" in the blink of an eye so unbelievably. Make it mean something! I feel like I shouldn't have to explain this! At least if they removed Flash, they'd have had more time to make that climax the least bit enjoyable, instead of DEMON...and it's done. Boring.
Y'know, I'd believe you, considering the big spelled out message at the end about Twi being a leader/princess, if it weren't for how utterly vapid, useless and pointless Flash is. You assertions here would have to be so downplayed and subtle, that 'subtlety' would have to be synonymous with 'non-existant'.
His mere existance was not a boon.

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No. I'm using her definition of a bad character to show why Flash is a bad character, because he was more than just a background character. He was inserted to be the teen love interest, because that's what Hasbro thinks should be in a film for girls ("girls love to brush and braid"). I already said that quote was regarding female protagonists. It can be extended to characters like Flash. And wtf, Fancy Pants was a much better character than Flash. At least Fancy Pants had a valid reason to exist in the script.
I find it hard to believe McCarthy wanted Flash included, because she wrote Hearts and Hooves Day; she knows better. Her scripts for Fim are so much better than EqG. I am baffled by how much of a terrible job she did for the film, to the extent that I assume she actively disliked writing it, or Hasbro wrote it themselves and slapped her name on it, as ridiculous as that sounds.

Dogma =/= critical analysis and thought. Lauren has studied animation and is a good writer. I have also studied film, television and animation. My views align with hers, not because she created the show, but because she's damn good at her job and I can understand where she comes from.

1) I am not against Twilight having a romantic interest. I know, considering my vitriol, that may sound odd of me to say, but I have said so a few times in my commenting history. But Flash was the wrong way to do it. Flash had nothing in common, and was as central to the plot as Trixie. He had no flaws, was unrelatable, was pretty, polite and perfect, with no legitimate conflict and nothing exciting ever happened. He's closer to a Mary Sue than anything. That is not how you write a love interest, forced or otherwise. You either do it right or not at all, you don't half ass it, as all it does is be crappy writing and is to the detriment of the protagonist.
"would you have preferred it if they made the film a love story!?"
No, I wouldn't, but at least then they'd have devoted time to making it actually meaningful in any way.

Points two and three are valid, however, Flash was pointless being in the film, and your points aren't reinforced in the film, simply by his inclusion. That's why Blueblood was a better character, he had a point to the plot and to Rarity's character (psst, that's cause Lauren knows how to write this shit)
Nothing is ever made of Flash's inclusion. There's even a hint at his connection to Sunset, but nothing comes of it. The film never actually does anything with the points you made. Every scene with him is a waste of time.
"but what about the scene where he proves the photos fake, huh? Smart guy?"
That scene is his only scene in which he affects the plot. Good right? No. Literally any character but the antagonists could have performed that action. Hell, it's stupidly obvious the photos are fake anyway! Which is a major problem with the film, every single character is holding the Idiot Ball. If the only way you can make your character smart or useful, is to make everyone else stupider, you have failed as a writer. That's shitty writing, and does nothing in Flash's favor.

Flash is a lost cause. If the pony version is different, it creates yet another plothole in that wretched film. The idea that the human versions are the same characters and the bonds run deep, across dimensions. If his human and pony versions differ, that is invalidated. But that would be asking for some writing integrity...

If Twilight must be romantically attached, I only hope they devote it to a whole new character, one who is written in a competent fashion. One who is flawed, has an interesting backstory, has his own motives and goals, and one that is tied to the plot and Twilight's progression.

Flash is the worst McCarthy could have given. She didn't even try.

And nobody should be supporting that, or rewarding Hasbro or wanting that Twi be paired up with Flash just for the sake of pairing her up (do you people not watch the show? There was an actual episode about it!) which is all Hasbro cares about, because they want a Ken for their Barbie, because they are uncreative executives too entrenched in old ideas about girls toys and entertainment.

In short, Flash is bad and you should feel bad for liking him or wanting him to reappear in film or tv show.

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Here's a quote from Lauren:
"...but the female characters have been so homogenized with old-fashioned “niceness” that they have no flaws and are unrelatable. They are so pretty, polite and perfect; there is no legitimate conflict and nothing exciting ever happens."
That was about girl characters, but it extends to male characters too, because Lauren would never have written Flash like that.
Flash was exactly like she's describing as a bad character. He should not have been written into that shitty film if that was all McCarthy could be bothered to do, contrasting everything Lauren fought for.
I am not wrong.
Everyone who supports Flash's inclusion, or who wants Twi and Flash to be shipped canonically, is actively going against what FiM is supposed to be. Everything Lauren fought for. The very reasons why we all started watching in the first place.
Have I gone mad? Am I in a minority here, one that still believes in the reasons why we started watching, and considers those reasons to be what the show should always try to uphold? The reasons garbage like EqG completely failed to live up to, yet gets praised regardless.

Flash Sentry is exactly the kind of awful shit that no fan should accept, the kind that Hasbro used to peddle to little girls before Lauren made us all love the show.

Stop supporting terrible decisions and writing like Flash Sentry.

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" I do think a certain number of people are starting to warm up to Flash though, thanks to the number of comics and such popping up about him."
And it is so painful to see so many fans accept him. It tells Hasbro, "yes, this is okay, we'd like more of it".
Flash Sentry was everything Lauren hated about girls shows and is a detriment to the characters and world she created.
Flash deserves the hate.

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I'm done.
" I'm still hoping for that actual pony movie. You can do it Hasbro, I have faith in you. "
Give up all hope, ye who enter here.