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You just insulted hammers.

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I can't wait for those "real muslims" on this site to tell us all how this isn't islam and, those muslim over there have misunderstood the true meaning of islam.

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Whoa, I never said that every muslim thinks like al qaeda and I do not think that, remember I have inlaws that are muslim and are very nice people, how very nice of you to label me an extremist. However, when you look for guidance in the islamic world, islamic countries, you find that they are in fact those who are extreme. I find it refreshing that you think those in other countries are extreme. Since you have labeled me (Argumentum ad hominem), I wish to end our would be cordial conversation now, as I am afraid that if you find out where I live, you will attempt to chop off my head like your muslim brothers.

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So every other muslim has got it wrong, but you?

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I find it interesting that you only use the koran as your request for citation, do you not use the hadith stories about your profit's life as to guide you through your life? Is not muhammad the most perfect man to be emulated? Your direct quote "KILL the apostates" might not be in the koran, but we have to look at the underlying context of the statements made in the koran. We have to examine muhammad’s words, deeds, and the deeds of those who knew and followed him.

In that web page I gave for citation some of the above muslim scholars have used koranic quotes to justify the killing of apostates, you might have to reread it. If you feel so strongly about you argument, I issue you a challenge, go to any islamic country (middle east) and stand at the door of any mosque and say I renounce my religion as they are leaving their worship.

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So those who promote killing of apostates want to islam to disappear off the face of the earth.

al -Khazan
Ibn Kathir
Al Suddi
Abul Ala Mawdudi

All those "classical and modern muslim scholars" want islam "disappear off the face of the earth? My question to you is, are you a muslim scholar, do your words have more moral authority within the muslm religion then the above mentioned. I have in-laws who are muslim and have discussed this with them. They say that is what the penalty is, but we live in America, they are from islamic countries.

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Where the muslim fought side by side with the nazi's.

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islam condones this. If you convert from islam, you must die. If you do not convert to islam, you must live as a second class citizen and pay a tax, or die.

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"Police found they were only submitting questionnaires to other Christians for a research project about religious understanding, Zahedi told The Associated Press. Five were students at the university while the others were friends from Hong Kong."

I guess the Christians students learned how much "religious understanding" there is in islam, none. I would love to read that reasearch paper.