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I am so tired of the argument that fat people/smokers make us all pay more for insurance. It is obviously true but all types of insurance are like that. My auto insurance costs more because other drivers suck. My homeowner's insurance is higher because of people suing the neighbor when they trip and fall on their porch. My medical insurance is higher because doctors screw up.
My medical is also higher because perfectly healthy people get cancer.

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“I really wanted to find a way to honor these women,” Daniels said.

What?!? Why? Honor their service to the community? Not sure how their felonies are deserving of honor.


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Not one single inmate in SnoCo Jail gets Cocoa Puffs regardless of their charges. They are not even available from commissary so this is an easy one. No Cocoa Puffs for you until you get to run to the store to buy them like everyone else that is locked up.

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She is not being denied basic hygiene items or health related items.

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So, 185 days is the maximum number per year that teachers are willing to not go to work?

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Life in prison isn't always punishment. I've worked in prisons. Take the Twin Rivers Correctional Complex in Monroe as an example. I truly thought I had taken a wrong turn my first time through the gate there. Tennis courts, baseball diamonds, indoor basketball courts, music studio (YES I SAID MUSIC STUDIO!!!), pool tables, room keys (AGAIN, YES I SAID ROOM KEYS) and a hobby shop for all manner of woodworking and metalworking with more equipment than an industrial wood shop. And yes they do get to sell and profit from their crafts to purchase their junkfood and such. All this on top of "free" food and lodging, in-cell cable and on-demand health care.
So, to say "We'll show those bad guys, they have to suffer with all these horrible things for life" is an asinine punishment for taking someone's life!!

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The costs of incarceration are always left out of the cost calculations for some reason. If you lock up a murderer for 40 years the cost comes in at around $1.5m not counting the added costs of the medical care for an aging inmate which can be significant. So, the arguement that it cost so much more to apply the death penalty is wrong unless the inmate dies really early.
If they are going to decide something like this they should not use the money issues to justify it. Just say "We don't want to kill the poor understood murderers" and be honest about the reason not "We just want to save the taxpayer's money" because that's not it!

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I'm OK with declawing cats as long as you are willing to keep your cat indoors for life. Not just until you get a new kitten. That's a horrible way to treat a member of your family. Lizzie was there first! get rid of the new one if they don't get along. Jerks!

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My wife was driving our Suburban recently and the brakes were not responding so she hit a guardrail instead of the new Mazda in front of her. Bent the rail so it needed to be replaced. We got a bill from DOT not only for the cost of replacement but labor (3 workers at $38/hr, 1 lead person at $41/hr and 1 supervisor at $45/hr. Plus around $10 for each of the 3 trucks they used to drive to the freeway. The problem with that is that if they weren't fixing her guardrail they still would have been being paid no matter what they were doing). So, yeah, a bill may be in their future.

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It WAS hilarious. Now it's just sad. If people can't accept and laugh at themselves or the stereotypes about them then we will end up in some crazy humorless world. Most women I spoke to thought the ads were very funny. Again I think the minority is speaking for the majority without even knowing what the majority thinks. Jezebel is a joke anyway and not the funny kind. If a man says it, it's offensive to women. Nope. If we didn't think PMS was a bit funny, every woman that suffers from it would be alone.
With political correctness we sacrifice what makes us human. If we can't laugh about our own quirks, we only end up miserable sad sacks that no one wants to be around except other miserable sad sacks. No thanks.

I want to say this again so it's not missed---

If we didn't think PMS was a bit funny, every woman that suffers from it would be alone.