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11 years ago @ Wonkette - Chris Christie To Rich... · 1 reply · +6 points

Newt's fatter than he looks on tv. He'd do a fine job getting stuck in my tub as well.

11 years ago @ Wonkette - James O'Keefe 'N Frien... · 0 replies · +70 points

No fair! The liberals in my imagination get away with this all the time!

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When your real-life heroes are indistinguishable from the evil-doers in childrens' books and movies, maybe it's time for some self reflection.

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Those cowards would never use their guns on us. Why fight when its so much easier to just bitch about the liberals and cruise around with your fat friends on your government scooters.

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Last time Joe got that mad was when some broad told him he's supposed to help raise his kid just because he's the father.

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Andrew Breitbart? Is that you? You can just tell us if you want to hang out here.

12 years ago @ Wonkette - MSNBC Clown Show Reach... · 2 replies · +19 points

If only they had hired Thom Hartmann too. He's way smarter and less shouty than Ed Schultz.

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Oh yeah? If he's so comically incompetent, then why did he release that cool smoking guy campaign ad?

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The Republican Achilles Heel is a total lack of a sense of humor. Santorum is utterly incapable of fighting back. He can only walk away, or get angrier and make everyone laugh even harder.

I almost feel bad for the guy. Then I think, maybe we should all be more comfortable publicly shaming people when they're acting like huge assholes. Barry needs to start having weekly Correspondent's Dinner Roasts. Republicans have no way to defend themselves against humor. Watch the 1/2 Hour News Hour if you need proof.

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Andrew Breitbart is not a drunken psychopath and he will murder all the poors to prove it.