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In Brief: Are we sure Moffatt didn’t write this?

Captain Jack comes back again and thankfully he’s still gay. Unfortunately, he’s stuck in an unconnected B plot.

So this is the plot Chibnall is building up to. Can’t say it inspires much confidence.

I went into this episode knowing there was a big shocking moment, but by the halfway point I found myself underwhelmed. Then the twist happened and I found it difficult to care. I suppose it’ll either turn out to be exactly what it appeared (in which case it seems unnecessary and fanwanky) or they’ll have some sort of convoluted twist (alternate dimension clones with fake memories or something, meaning it’s pointless). So when I won’t like either solution, what’s the point?

I thought the fugitive was going to be the Master, because they mentioned him at the start. Guess not. Then I though, “maybe the alien is noncorporeal and it’s moved onto the women who’s name I can’t recall”.

Oh look “The Lone Cyberman”. Will that happen before or after “The Timeless Child”, because currently that story arc is people saying a word and not developing it further. It’s like the Hybrid.

Wow. Gallifrey’s gone and there’s a secret, never before mentioned previous Doctor. I’m glad Chibnall is breaking exciting new ground.

Anyway, it feels like this plot wasn’t originally intended to have the reveal, and the companion stuff also doesn’t really flow together. So overall, I’m kind of “meh”. It also feels like there should be some sort of message about refugees and immigration, but then they got side-tracked.

Yazwatch 2020. Yazmin didn’t really get any focus, but neither did the others.

Anyway, I bet the next episode won’t actually develop any of these plot threads.

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In Brief: Nikola Tesla is presented as the architect of the 20th century. Don’t think about the nasty things that entails.

Well that was an enjoyable episode. If I wanted to, I could probably dig into it and go on about how its message about capitalism, work-exploitation and industrialization was confused or shallow, but I don’t feel like doing that.
Plot wise it was sound, other than skimming over how Yasmin and Edison got back to the tower after hiding.

Yazwatch 2020: Yasmin got screen time, getting to do character and plot stuff. Hooray! And the others got to do things as well.

I feel like Tesla isn’t as obscure figure as the episode seemed to think he is. I’m fairly sure Ryan and Yasmin should recognize him by name. I mean they mentioned him in an episode of Teamo Supremo, when that happens you have a certain amount of name recognition. Or The Order 1886, where he makes lightning guns.

I was reminded of the spider queen from The Runaway Bride, because her lower body was a spider, while the scorpion queen in this was just a regular biped. That was a bit dull, especially since she was so different from the CGI scorpions.

Ah Rani, I remember how The Sarah Jane Adventures was able to properly balance all of its characters.

Wait a minute, this episode took place over a night and day. The titles wrong.

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In Brief: The Doctor and friends discover a terrifying future full of furies and weebs.

Well that was a real mess.

I though this hotel episode had some weird pacing issues and structure issue, that’s because that’s not what it is. If it had been, we probably would have spent the first twenty minutes or so getting to know the people and the setting, build up to the sinister threat. But they just raced through that. Incidentally I had terrible, terrible flashbacks to Rise of Skywalker….

So, this is essentially two episodes mashed into one. The first is about a space hotel being attacked by monsters. Episode two is about a band of survivors having to traverse a desolate wasteland. Potentially interesting premises, but they fall apart when paired together.

I though watching this episode “Is this in the future? Because this hotel seems to be full of humans, but then our heroes were teleported here so presumable this is the same time as the scenes in the TARDIS which didn’t seem to take place in the future. Maybe they’re all aliens who look like humans?”
But it turned out it was set in the future. I know humans (or at least aliens who look just like us), being from all over the galaxy is something that the show has brought up in the past, but it was kind of jarring here.

Yazwatch 2020:It’s nice to see that writers other than Chibnall, can neglect Yasmin as well. The natural order has been restored.

I suppose it's nice it's explicitly about something, but that doesn't automatically mean its good.

Really the only really positive thing, I can say is how the destruction of Gallifrey and it's effect on the Doctor isn't spelt out, but it's clearly left an impact.

Stray Observations

The human drama was also quite lacking. Oh, this random girl is that captain’s daughter. Oh, the captain’s dead, no she’s alive. Oh, they’re both going to die off-screen. I don’t care about them.

It’s odd how the Doctor praised the green haired kid, despite not spending any significant screentime with him.

Wait the captain woman owns the hotel. I thought she was just the head of security.

Why are they taking all these civilians in the rover, on this dangerous trek across hostile terrain to chase monsters? Oh, apparently these are the only survivors and the hotel is vulnerable to attack. They didn’t establish that well enough at the time.

I also like how the desolate dead Earth had trees. Next time go to a rock quarry so there’s no vegetation.

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I agree with all that. Also I feel like if your going to make an episode involving Nazi's it kind of has to be about that now, because there's a weight to the subject matter you really don't want to make light of. So having it just be a third of an episode, rubs me the wrong way.

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In Brief: In this episode of the new, progressive Doctor Who an Indian man joins the Nazi’s and forces a white woman to submit before him. Oh dear…

I realized that I wouldn’t like this one, when the companions were saved not by clever thinking or anything, but rather a message the Doctor had left them.
Well that was kind of lacking. I wouldn’t have guessed that’s how this two parter would go. I’d assume they’d try to stop the Master and that other guy in the present. The Doctor getting thrown back in time, seemed like it’s from another episode. It also feels like pretty much any historical character could have been plugged into the script, and it wouldn’t have made much of a difference. The present-day stuff also seems a bit superfluous

The Time Lords are dead again. It was really worth bringing them back, since they haven’t been mentioned since 2015.
It would probably be more shocking if it wasn’t the status quo I grew up with. Still it’s more evidence that time is circular, or that writers are unoriginal…

I can’t say I care much about the Timeless Child. It’ll probably turn out to be some space magic thing. It doesn’t seem like it would be shocking enough to be worth it.

The themes of the all-encompassing nature of modern technology was kind of half-assed wasn’t it? I just feel like if writers want to deal with a topic, it should actually be prominent in their story.

Are Ryan, Graham and Yazmin still wanted fugitives? Will that evil businessman face justice for selling out humanity? Will M-6 ever learn who was taking out all the secret agents? No clue.

Yazwatch 2020: For two whole episodes Yazmin has gotten the same focus as the other companions.

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There are few things that can stop a popular villain from coming back.

Anyway as the Master said back in 1985 "I'm indestructible, the whole universe knows that!"

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In Brief: The audience realizes that the Doctor and the Master may never be homoerotic ever again….

[The following and the rest of my posts on the upcoming episodes, are based on notes I made after I first watched these. For context I found the previous season okay, but it was lacking a crucial something. Also it was shortly after I saw Rise of Skywalker, which made me decide never to give a piece of corporate media the benefit of the doubt.]

Sorry this one didn’t really leave much of an impression on me. I guess I was hoping that it would be a noticeable step-up in quality, but much like the rest of Chibnall’s work its fine but lacking.

Really wasn’t worth getting rid of UNIT. They could easily have replaced MI-6 in this story, or co-existed with them at the very least. The annoying thing is we’ll probably have a UNIT returns episode at some point in the upcoming decade.

The plot was set all over the globe, but in practice it didn’t really feel worth it. The Australia bits and the US bits could all pretty much have taken place in the same location.

Yazwatch 2020: Yazmin got more or less equal focus as the other companions, but they were all a bit unmemorable this time, so not the victory I was hoping for.

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I agree with that. Still despite Charles Dance being good, you can see the warning signs for later seasons in how the writers treat him and his family. Like how they have him meet Arya in season two.

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You know this was my first experience with Discworld.

It's nice seeing Charles Dance in a respectable fantasy series.

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I watched this a few years ago at a friends birthday party. That was nice a time.