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Each US Football team has 2 separate squads. An Offensive squad and a Defensive squad.

It is the Offense's job to score for their team. They have possession of the ball and scoring is their specific purpose.

It is the job of the Defense to stop the opposing Offense from scoring, and to get the ball back for their team as fast as possible, in rare cases a good Defense can even score.

In the best case senario, this represents the classic story of "An Unstoppable Force meeting an Immovable Object."


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I don't think you're missing anything. I think you're one of the few here who has it, spot on.

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Yepitsme, I know your tag and I am familiar with your posts. I have seldom had an issue with your comments, so please don't take this the wrong way.

I've done the google searches and seen the "Barry" claims. Unfortunatly I have yet to find a credible source for this story either way.

There are links that point to all sorts of different stories, and all I'm asking is if Indy had a source link he could share so that his claim has more credibility than "He changed his name to sum dum muslim werd!"

I am sincere in that I would love to know if his name was actually changed, and it would make little difference to me either way, but I'd like to know if that is true.

Would you have an official link you could post? Otherwise I really can't believe the whole "Barry thing" to be more than some BS story started by one of Glenn Beck's lunatic rants.

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It is a Property Owners responsibility to make their community a nice place to live. End of story. Home Owners and so-called Land Lords. Not the renters. Renters have no investment in the property or neighborhood. That is why they Rent!

A scrupulous Land Lord, a Land Lord who is genuinely concerned about their properties' value, will put certain clauses in their leases that keep unsavory tennants out of their properties. High deposits, background checks, and property inspections.

"Getting rid of bad folks" might be a problem, but when you are a savvy property investor you try to make it more difficult for the "bad folks" to rent your property in the first place. You try to protect your properties' neighborhoods otherwise your property's value drops faster than a lead weight. Any experienced businessman knows this.

Any decent Land Lord will know this as well.

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Contrary to the popular adage, laws are NOT meant to be broken. They are MEANT to be adhered to, to keep order, and to protect people from each other as well as themselves.

Just because people murder inspite of laws against murdering, and people speed even though they are laws against speeding does NOT mean that you stop trying to make laws that protect people from unsafe driving or killing each other. THAT is rediculous!

You say laws can't right every wrong, and you're correct. There will always be someone out there trying to take advantage of the system at the expense of others. Whether by murder, theft, lying or otherwise. That is what law makers and legislation are for!

If a bill is passed that people abuse, then OF COURSE you will make another law to TRY to correct the abuse. THAT IS HOW LEGISLATION WORKS! You TRY to make a law to protect people from themselves or others.

You want to know where you "draw the line"? When people are no longer taken advantage of, that is when. That is how a government run "by the people, and for the people" works.

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Some people will never understand how trapt a person can feel when they have nothing except bills to worry about in the first place. ESCPECIALLY when you're young and inexperienced, and 23 IS young and inexperienced.

"Worshipping at the alter of the dollar" has nothing to do with a 23 year old woman trying to take care of her kids. At least not in a town like Bristol.

On the other hand, if those who oppose this bill would STOP "worshipping at the alter of the dollar" there might not be much to stand in the way of this bill's passage.

Your's is a rediculous post... what does being able to get out of a lease because you don't feel safe have to do with making us all "little robots who do no wrong"?

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I grew up there. I know how nice the place is supposed to be, but I also know how nice the place USED to be. Which is to say that the area has not done well recently.

Do I (as a large middle aged male) feel safe walking down Main St. in Bristol? Yes, I'd even have me a drink at the RBT. Do I think I'll get pulled over if I drive drunk in Bristol? Yes.

Does this change the fact that a 20 something mother of 2 was killed during a home invasion soon AFTER her apartment was burglarized? No it doesn't. This was not cooincidence.

Everyone should avoid where this woman lived as though their lives depend on it, at least until the Land-Lord has made suitable security enhancments, WHICH IS THE WHOLE POINT of this Bill we're talking about.

I love the Bristol/Middlebury area, and I hold all property owners responsible for the quality of the community.

I know how "safe" the area is supposed to be and how uncommon homicides are there, which is why I support this type of Bill whole heartedly.

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So what if he did change his name to that of his Father, how does that mean he is not Christian? Aren't all Christians, Christian by choice, not by name?

Anyway, care to elaborate Indy1968, or did you just want to make a crazy claim? What was his birth name? When was it changed?

The last I heard Barrak Obama was named after his father, AND grandfather, being Barrack Obama III. If this is incorrect I would love to know. And not just some hearsay from the web.

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Those seats are their whole worlds for up to 18 hours at a stretch. $950 is nothing for a chair that is intended to last up to 7 years under that kind of usage.

Not to mention they're the people on whom your emergency situation responses depend on. If I have to call them I'd rather they be focusing on the details of my problems than how much their back/butt hurt.

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Rest in Peace my friend. God bless you for your sacrifice, and God be with your family in this time of mourning.

The world is worse off for your passing.