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Is there any wonder why they see these islands as territory ripe for effortless colonisation? Substitute digger with tank - what\'s the difference?



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Those mournful arched stones cast a chilling spectre over such a blessed site.

Laid to rest after a lifetime of struggle and sacrifice next the perished children of the Industrial Age. Not the spirits of our ancestors nor the generations to come, will forgive us should Britain be lost to this plague.

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I cannot see the reason why this Movement has to necessarily be so intrinsically \'Democratic\'. Surely, the electorate demands democracy at the ballot box, and we witness the perverse democracy of Westminster everyday, but why does the party machinery have to emulate this? Look at the others - divided on Europe, divided on the Unions, divided on just about every major issue affecting this country. With the BNP you get what you see; if non-indigenous people wish to join, contribute financially and with ideas then fine, but the ultimate decision on policy rests with the Chairman who ever that may be. Let them join in their thousands - they cannot kill our doctrine just like one cannot kill an idea.

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This is the opportunity to finally cast off the \'Racist\' millstone placed around the neck of this Movement by those unable to coherently and publicly debate with it. The time to finally drive home the core message to the greater mass of our people has been brought that much closer by this impending ruling. Who knows...we may even one day see \'Solidarity\' at the TUC - and why not?

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Factor in the accession of Turkey and her 80 million Muslims and we will witness the irrevocable genocide of our people. Which of our fathers and grandfathers would have thought for one moment, as they emerged from the slaughter and destruction of the Second World War with hope and vision for a new beginning, that within the passing of another generation, the peoples of Europe would again face their imminent destruction from invasion and tyrrany. Just as sure as if the menfolk of this country had been marched off to labour camps, salt mines and death in 1945 - so we now march to our extinction through gradual and incremental genocide.

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Every theatre of conflict is different or has its own peculiarities, but anyone who served in the Cold War or in Ulster knows the futility of the conflict in Afghanistan. As little as two decades ago, I and many of my generation, were being trained and indoctrinated to hate and kill our mortal enemies behind the Iron Curtain; today these people - Romanians, Bulgarians, Lithuanians, Ukraines, et al, occupy my town just as sure as if they had arrived under some kind of Soviet 'post-invasion' mass resettlement programme. What was it all for? And everyone knows the story of Ireland and its tortured people. Our young men are betrayed, just as we who served before were betrayed; what future for our new veterans - their children and grandchildren?

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This article really sums up the absurdity that "Equality & Diversity" workplace indoctrination really is. These Police Officers will have undergone their compulsory E&D training, complete with references to everything and everyone great and good in the world - provided its origins are not white, heterosexual, and indigenous. They will have been told how to value difference in gender, sexuality, and race; but to promote equality at all times. Have no doubt, they would be the first to run to their "Equality Lead" or "Bullying & Harassment Advisor" if they for one moment believed they were receiving any form of unequal treatment from their employer or colleagues; yet here they are ingratiating themselves with a brutal and discriminating way of life, that clearly places women in a catagory of subserviant serf; that insists some of their women wear nothing more than a sack in public; requires them to eat and worship separately to the menfolk; which allows the brutal murder of women by stoning in certain parts of the world, and imposes a plethora of other restrictions, inequalities and downright maltreatment of women.

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Don't look to the Police to do anything about the REAL enemy within. They are too busy playing dressing-up games. (Oh!.....And persecuting & bullying the BNP).


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"What kind of police officers......?". This kind >>>>. (I'm not sure if this site will allow links to national newspapers; I'll post the link here but if not allowed then it's in the Daily Telegraph). The photograph is shocking.


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The Marxists don't want individualism or self achievement, they want our kids programming into the "Underneath The Hood" racially confused, inner city morons, which are the product of their multiculturalism: The tragic white kids lost forever with that African "Ali-G-innit?" dialect nonsense. They will quite happily sell-off Playing Fields to fund "Community Youth Projects", such as teaching our boys and girls to "Rap" absurd "Gangsta" (?) lyrics; which translates to 'white self-loathing' and a sick veneration of black African and Jamaican sub-culture. Authorities will waste money on anything anti-British: South Yorkshire Police just paid three PC cops to dress as Muslims to appreciate how they feel! They would be better employed sleeping rough with ex-squaddies on the streets of London, or visiting the maimed returning from Afghanistan - in their own time!