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Open carry is new the GOP stance on guns, viruses and urine splash.

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How confusing are restrooms to people in Idaho? Did they just get them?

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I blame Obama. Clearly he wants Mitt in the race to drive the whole GOP field to the right, burn millions in the loooonnngg primary season and turn the whole positioning game into chaos. Sure, try to be to the right of Mitt. Figure out where that is going to be a week from Tuesday.

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My bible is missing the recipe pages, but lets skip to the part where God had some dietary cures for AIDS, before he made the AIDS?

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No more Karduckians, please.

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Well, maybe we shouldn't say Kirby Delauter when we mean Kirby Delauter. Maybe -- like Santorum -- we can name something Kirby Delauter, when we totally don't mean Kirby Delauter, but something else instead. But what?

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Perhaps Bristol Palin could address his science faculty group about the wonders of abstinence and how to man up and take a punch to the face from a nice lady.

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It's not New Year's Steve either

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Right, dynamic scoring. And if you experience tax-cutting-spurred budget growth lasting four hours, consult a doctor.

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Remember, the Civil War wasn't about slavery, it was about the principle of states' rights. And uhhh, we didn't vet who we spoke to. About states' rights.