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Don't forget Pilot Wings Resort, which takes place entirely or almost entirely on Wuhu island.

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Last year I went through a lot of debate over whether I should get the hat or the game. In retrospect, I'm VERY glad I got the hat, as I proudly display and have visitors occasionally ask questions. I'm just hoping they have new stuff that's even better, but knowing NoA, they won't.

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The problem I have with this is the same problem I had with Mario Sunshine, and it's trivial at best but still has an impact. While the game looks like a great game and will no doubt be really fun, it doesn't seem like Kirby fits in, as though they only plugged him in there in an attempt to sell more copies. Perhaps I'll feel differently upon seeing the story (and I'll probably buy it regardless) but it feels... conniving. To me, at least.

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I don't know. The price on this is gonna be a big issue. Also, online would be great, but I doubt it will have it.

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Thumbs up for Homestar Reference, and /agree.

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I'm really glad to see this. I've been kind of worried that this Zelda would be like Twilight Princess, where it was delayed for forever.

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Well, while I completely agree with all the comments who don't like not having a controller in their hands, Microshaft DID say that Natal could read an object into the game, so that if you want to, you can be holding a circle as a wheel, and it'll just look at it. That being said, I think it is WAY more accurate to have the data come DIRECTLY from the Wheel, instead of having to image it with a camera. One thing we all know from experience is that people frequently walk right in front of a game. I'd hate to imagine what would happen every time someone walked in front of Natal.

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Dude, if you have a family, it's going to cost more to do ANYTHING with them. That's like saying you wanted to go to a movie theater, but when you found out you had to pay for your wife and kids you decided not to go. If I lived alone, I would have one WiiMote, one Nunchuck, one Gamecube Controller, and a GH guitar. Instead, I have 4 WiiMotes, 2 Nunchucks, 2 Gamecube controllers, a Classic controller, 2 GH guitars, drums, a mic, 3 Motion Pluses, and a Wii Wheel. All paid for by me. He just needs to suck it up. However, I will give it to him that WiiMotes are WAY too expensive.

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Well, I've vowed to never use Netflix because theirs are the only pop-ups that get past my blocker. I can't stand it.

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I love simlish.