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Could that guy have been hitting on me? Santorum wouldn't have approved if he was!

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I was a party one time and this guy came up to me saying he sees me all the time waiting for the bus and he would always think I look like Dave Mustaine cuz of the mullet I was rocking for some reason at the time and I took it as a pretty sweet compliment but then I heard that Mustaine is a 'bagger, so that's too bad and I probably shouldn't have had a mullet back then either.

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Think that's a porno-parady of the Norwegian mockumentary Trollhunter?

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Yeah, as barbaric and backwards as firing squad sounds, I'd sure as hell rather get a bullet in the head than decaying experimental chemicals from an unregulated Alabaman supply depot, or whatever the fuck they use for lethal injection.

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Is there even a funny joke to be made about this?

Probably one about Robocop/OCP etc., but I don't feel particularly jolly about this shit.

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His goodness (is not particularly extensive).

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Cool, I wanted to puke some more today!

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Okay, this is going to be a pretty convoluted comparison, but I need to scrub my brain somehow.

So, anyone listen to Negativland? You know how, especially in Escape From Noise, there's the one voice that keeps popping up, the frantic one, you hear him on Car Bomb, the one with the clip "is there any escape from noise?"

What I'm getting at is that I think the Mohammed was a pedophile guy sounds like him.

Also, fuck everything.

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Anyone else feel like this was an excerpt from J R?

I guess I'm saying that everyone ought to read that book

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Hell, I coulda sworn the general consensus was that the FLOTUS was definitely on the good looking side of things.