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"Once again, Joss gives us exactly what we want… in the worst way possible."

Joss Whedon would make a great Genie.

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Another Buffy episodes that I've never seen before (second hand Buffy disks are slightly damaged) and...it was kind of strange. I enjoyed Anya and Spike hanging out because the two of them actually have a lot in common and it makes sense. Spike and Anya make everything better, so together they almost improve this episode.

This episode was pretty eh. I agree that the Buffy writers seem to have a weird thing about sex, since a lot of the time it ends in disaster. Also this episode proves that the commando boys apparently don't get a lot of action, maybe this is why Forrest dislikes Buffy so much, she makes Riley FEEL EMOTIONS (also, just checked IMDB and that guys first name is actually Forrest, I always thought it was his last name, guess it fits with the Buffyverses weird names) anyway, I agree that plot point makes no sense. Oh, on an unrelated note, Riley's other friend Graham is really attractive, and every time he looks like he's about to do something I get excited but he never does...wow this comment has progressed into a weird ramble.

To end on a happy note, loved Giles' singing. This came at a kind of coincidental time since I just watched "Repo! The Genetic Opera" with him in it. He sings a lot since it's a musical and it's dreamy.

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"(Why, in the world where Jonathan is Perfect in Every Way did he not make himself taller? You'd think he would.)"

He didn't want to change himself to fit the world, he changed the world to fit him.

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I had completely forgotten about the plot twist at the end of this episode when I watched it yesterday. I just though, "Oh yeah, this is the episode with the family and the big plot twist is that it's the son not that father who's possessed," so I was watching and completely expecting the episode to end and then BAM the son was the evil one all along! OMG, it's like little Dexter if his dad hadn't taught him to kill bad guys!

This revelation makes the little girl's comment, "Ryan has always been bad," a lot more chilling.

Also, yay for Wesley backstory development!

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When I first saw this episode I freaked out at the scene at the end because the way that Riley holds the bandanna in his hand kind of makes it look like he lost his hand and it has bloody bandages wrapped around it and I leapt up and yelled, "OMG HE LOST HIS HAND AND IT'S CRUEL IRONY BECAUSE HE CAN'T HOLD ONTO ANYTHING!" and my brother gave me a look and said, "He's holding her bandana." And now that's all that I can think of when I watch that scene.

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KIRK! Hi Kirk, good to see you again! I love you Kirk, please keep showing up as random characters in Angel forever, k thx.

This is definitely one of my least favourite Angel episodes, possibly my least favourite actually. Orpnhfr gur zbafgebfvgl bs njshyarff gung vf gur sbhegu frnfba arire unccrarq naq vafgrnq vg nyy whfg fxvccrq nurnq gb Fcvxr naq Natry orvat rgreany OSSf naq V jnf unccl.

It's just really confusing and I can't get into the story at all, and the women are sort of simultaneously the victims and the villains and it's kind of mixed messagy.

But then again, Angel and Wesley's dancing is the best thing ever, I had to rewind the episode a few times to watch that scene over and over again.

Fcrnxvat bs Jrfyrl, V'ir orra jngpuvat frnfba svir erpragyl naq vg'f fb jrveq frrvat uvz hfrq cevznevyl nf pbzvp eryvrs! Va zl zvaq tbbsl, pyhzfl Jrf vf va Ohssl naq frevbhf, rkgerzryl natfgl Jrf vf va Natry.

Frira rcvfbqrf hagvy Thaa!

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And this is around when I started liking Riley less. I love the fact that the show has such a strong female lead that she could never find a human guy who could physically match up to her, and she clearly knows a lot more than Riley about facing demons. But he bugs me in this episode, even though I know that it's a good thing for the show to confront.

In other news, every scene with Spike in it is amazing. He somehow has a sort of chemistry with everyone and I love the scenes where he's paired up one on one with one of the scoobies.

Also demon!Giles is perfection. That is all.

Oh, and I love Tara and Willow and Tara is so awkward and sweet and I want to be friends with her!

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Broody Gale was hilarious, everybody in my cinema laughed every time he was on screen during the Games.

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Absolutely agree about Peeta, I never liked him much in the books but after the movie I am completely team Peeta for life!

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Ha ha, when I first saw Buttercup I whispered to my friend, "He's supposed to be yellow!" and she gave me a look and I let it go. That was pretty much my reaction with any changes, they didn't cut out anything too important. I would have loved to see the creepy Mutts made to look like the contestants at the end, but I definitely understand why they didn't add it. It was creepy enough in writing, seeing would probably lead to SCARRED FOR LIFE territory.

Anyway, I thought that the movie was great, exactly what I wanted from the movie. I understand why they cut the things that were cut, and I loved the scenes that they added. The scene where Seneca Crane was given his death sentence was perfection. I really like that he and President Snow had a bigger role, since in the book I didn't even know who they were. Also thought that it was amazing seeing the game room controls and the process behind filming the games. Also Rue stealing Cato's knife was a great moment.

It's funny how a lot of the marketing seems to be trying to play up the 'love triangle' to draw in the Twilight crowd. The movie seemed to be half-heartedly catering to that with the brief shots of Gale after something happened with Peeta and Katniss, which was kind of unintentionally hilarious.

Overall, I loved it, and I'm really excited for the next movie!