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Tea Party is here?

No, how about a proud American.

It's a rare thing these days.

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The ducks played a very very poor team. They should not even be in Div. 1.

Whats said is that the losers run up the score of 72-0 to try and get ranked a little higher then they already are. Typical Chip Kelly and extremely poor duck behavior. Again, typical.

The Beavers played a real team and hung with them for most of the game. Extremely poor linebacker play did them in. I also note the defensive line also is very weak. Both surprises from Oregon State where defense has been played with pride the last 10 years.

This week the ducks travel to Tennessee. Let the spinners hype themselves up to feverish national championship propaganda bandwagon. Those educated in college football all know that Tennessee has been a dormat of team in the SEC and has been weak for years. They are no stronger then Washington Huskies. So this week we will see yet another win for Oregon. Not near the blowout of the New Mexico High School they played, but a victory none the less.

Which brings me to the ducks next competitor.. Portland State. Enough said.

Maybe they buy their way thru some marketing promotion to the AP voters and play Sacramento State Community College for the National Championship. Chip can hang 100 on them!

oregon is FAIL.

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Tell you all what,

Why don't you sneak into Mexico and see how your treated by the people and by the government.

NO wonder they think this is a carnival ride.