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I get it, but what's the use of belaboring the point. The "light unto nations" plays the same sordid game as it is played by others. I think Madame Maxwell would be lucky to see a ripe old age.

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Oh well. At the very least it's merely the boring story of a pedophile pimp and his madame.

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Nothing is going to stop NK from getting nukes, which they probably already have. The entire US/NK dialog is b.s. predicated on the US goal of global hegemony. The US politician is yet to be born who has the spine to sit down and talk with his enemy, notwithstanding the political suicide he would be committing, or death by assassination.

I agree - they are all war criminals.

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NK is going to get nukes one way or the other (if they haven't already) and there is nothing the US can do to prevent it. The entire NK/US dialog is bullshit based on America's need for global hegemony. The American politician isn't yet born who has the spine to sit down and talk with the enemy, notwithstanding the political suicide he would be committing, or death by assassination.

Yes, I agree - they're all war criminals.

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I can live with it.

The US and the world just suffered through four years of a complete and utter moron who embarrassed himself and his country on the world's stage every time he opened his mouth and spewed nonsense.

If this is what you consider reason enough to label those who watched Biden's press conference as "masochists or idiots", then we've all been masochists and idiots for the past four years, yourself included. Biden is far from perfect but it's a breath of fresh air to hear articulated and intelligent speech coming from the White House again.

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If someone says Jews don't run the US government, they have no idea whatsoever how naive and brainwashed they are. With the possible exception of Kennedy and Carter, there hasn't been a US president or senator in the past 70 years who does not owe his political life to Jews.

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Palestinians have yet to rise to the level of American blacks in the collective American conscience, nor will they ever. The American government is almost irreversibly controlled by the Israeli Zionist agenda and marches in step with the Jewish lobby. Americans know nothing of the atrocities in Gaza and the West Bank. That's what Tel Aviv and Washington want.

Mr. Levy has contributed immeasurably to publicizing the plight of the Palestinians. Until such time as the world, particularly Americans, can witness for themselves the wholesale murder of Palestinians at the hands of their overseers, in the same way they witness first-hand the murders of American blacks by police, nothing will change. The Palestinian narrative is all but erased from American news. In even a less than perfect world, Americans who are taking to the streets to protest their status quo should also be screaming for justice for all who are victims of racial prejudice and bigotry.

Israelis have been getting away with murder since before Israel declared itself a state. They have completely infiltrated the US government which absurdly gives them billions of dollars for the freedom to continue to do so.

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Stockman is true to his Republican roots. The article is Republican biased nonsense.

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"The temptation among the president’s critics to use the pandemic to get back at Trump for every bad thing he’s done should be resisted, and schadenfreude is never a good look."

Wrong. When applied to Trump and his cult followers, schadenfreude is a great look.